August 11, 2010

Shopping Update

Ah ...again entry at all. So I decided to do a shopping update from before summer holidays till now.
Well, school again and I have less time then before. Doing homework all the time. I'm tired.

Well, because I haven't got a snapshot of my jumpsuit, here you go.

new awesome bag!

it was on sale, just 9 Euro and I wear it as a Jacket!

I needed white and black and it was cheap haha

I really love this lipgloss, its very good!

Monki shoes!

Monki Pull too -  I forgot to take a picture from my skirt with dotted belt.

marine dress.

Primark necklace!

Last but not least - new make up try-out and with contact lenses!

bye bye honeys!


  1. Das Marine Kleid ist total schön! *A*
    Die braunen Kontaktlinsen stehn dir!

  2. Woah, wo hast du denn die Schuhe und die Tasche her?? Sieht alles toll aus! : )

  3. Ich hab die Schuhe von Monki und die Tasche aus einem Laden aus meinem Kaff xD