December 13, 2010

Awesome nails.

A friend of mine did my nails. They're not fake. They're my own and I hope it will last a little bit longer then a week, because it is normal nail polish.

 My nails before. And my lovely ring.

 Here you can see my dress wearing with the fake fur.

 my nails. Glitter everywhere~ *laughs*

A picture from before we went ice skating. It was really lovely.

I still need some new winter clothes but luckily I'll get Vivienne Westwoods "Naughty Alice" fragrance for christmas instead of a way too wide dress - we ordered it and it looked bad.
As well, my boyfriend and me broke up. We still love each other, but its like not bearable. The distance and our problems.
But I'm not that upset, so don't worry.
We're still like friends.


  1. Nice!
    Love the nails!♥
    Jessi did a great job. :D

  2. eeeh...? jetzt doch schluss gemacht! (QQ)