December 9, 2010

Shopping Update #2

Here we go.
Long time no hear, eh? I'm incredible sorry. I'm too busy with school and met a lot of friends lately and there were so much things I needed to do, before I was able to write a blog entry. So, sorry.
It always starts with a sorry, doesn't it?
But well, I was at Primark on Tuesday, where I also met the beloved Marie (Yoms)!

 This was my bag... XD

 This came from Japan, from a friend of mine. Really cute!
As you can see... my nails are growing really fine lately :D

 This was also a present. A selfmade christmas calender!!

This is a thing I got at Primark. Sleep wear. Way too big, but I don't care.

 lovely bag I got at Primark!

 NOW I have winter shoes. With fake fur and heels. AWSOME. And so warm.

 Hairband I really like~

 Dress I got at Primark, I got the same in black |3

 You need to see an outfit picture. They are just awesome.

The dress in black, extra bigger, to weat things under it.
So awesome.

I hope you had all a nice winter start.
So much snow outside!

1 comment:

  1. I really love the things you bought!
    Can't wait to see them on you. ♥