January 31, 2011

Daily Use.

 I use this boots daily at the moment - because I love them to death. This picture was taken at Irmas home with Maikel and her in the background.

 Right click to see it bigger. This was the Lush bag - I love what its saying!

 Grandmas christmas present. Vivienne Westwoods Sin Garden! I totally love it, its smells and everything about it. The design just looks awesome and sadly its way too expensive..

 Poorly my calender from Stitch is missing... but as you can see - this is something I see daily or I cuddle daily with. Most of them were presents: If you want to know how to make me lucky? Just get me Stitch or Angel things. (laughs)

Have I ever told you I love Lush to death? This was a present from a friend - till now I just used the bath balls but saturday I finally tried out this peeling and... it's just awesome. It smells so nice, feels nice and I can say: I truely love Lush.

 One of this is also my daily use. I have a coconut cream too, but this both from Body Shop are the best.

My current haircolour - well, I wish it was. (laughs) I just need to recolour my hair like that again, because at the moment its a reddish brown - way too light.

1 comment:

  1. Das Westwood Parfüm sieht so schön aus! *A*
    Lush is toll ne?! Das kriegt sogar meine kaputten Haare wieder knorke! Könnte den Laden jedesmal leer kaufen, auch wenn ich bei den Gerüchen fast brechen muß. V.v
    und thihi die Geschenke ecke X3