February 3, 2011

DM - Shopping...

 The other day I met up with Sarah and we did our well-known DM shopping. With her, I always spend too much money on cosmetic. This time, it wasn't that much.
P2 redpinkish eyeshadow
P2 black crack nails
P2 winered nailpolish
Alverde gel eyeliner
Also, I wanted to have bubble bath and I thought "maybe I should just buy kids shampoo or so?" and yeah, I'll try it out soon. And the "Haut und Kindercreme" is the perfect thing for damaged lips. I swear!

 This was my outfit. I don't even know why it has changed like that... it is normal on my computer. Strange world.

As you can see - my hair looks really pale instead to the last post. I think I'm going to dye it today because I can't stand the roots as well. This picture was... yeah. The only one I can accept. It was quite windy and hella cold... in the evening it snowed again.

As soon as I tried out the new eyeshadow and coloured my hair - I'll post again.
I'm happy to have 47 followers - thank you so much! I think I'll try to post more often soon.


  1. thanks for comment^^

    oh ja das curry schmeckt wirklich wie ferigessen..selbst gemachtes is sogar leckerer XD

    ich liebe dm, ich will dort einziehen*_*
    und dein header is cool^^ ich werd dich adden :3

  2. Wir sind so toll! x3
    Du musst unbedingt Fotos posten, wenn du dne Nagellack und/oder den Lidschatten trägst!
    Hab ganz vergessen zu erzählen, dass ich deinen Pulli toll finde!