February 24, 2011

L♡VE・DAMAGE second Meet!

Well, Maikel and me weren't able to attend the Meeting last time, but this time we were able to meet our circle.
We had a lot of fun and so on.
First we wanted to go to Sea Life, but in summer you can go there and visit also the "Herrenhäuser Gärten" which would be a lot cheaper and...I love the Herrenhäusergärten. Its good to take pictures there as well as I love the flowers. I adore botanic gardens and so on (^0^)/

Unfortunately Pia, Julia, Mü and Yasmin wasn't able to go to Karaoke with Steffi, Maikel, Irma and me, but maybe we'll try it next time.

 This was my outfit - I haven't got something to wear which looked good and I decided for this, its kinda Gyaru-Rockish, eh?
 Irma and me  - I'm so big with my Monki shoes. xD

 Pia and Julia ^0^/
 Yasmin and me - HELL, I loved your outfit!

 Cute Maiki is cute <3
 awesome cocktails - I love the cocktail bar "heaven"
 Julia and me - now we finally have a picture! :D

 because both of you wanted to see it :3

Maiki and me in "Downtown" on the girls toilet... haha |3


  1. Wollt schon sagen du siehst riesig im Vergleich zu Irma aus XD
    du siehst irgendwie so anders aus mit Pony ausm Gesicht. Irgendwie erwachsener!
    Momo auf der Toilette ey XD

  2. ihr hübschen eh, aber alle♥

    ich mag auch mal mit T^T