March 27, 2011


Hello dear readers,

I feel like blogging again. I don't feel like watching the news at the moment. Can't stand it.

Well, also my camera broke last friday as I met Momo. I was really sad but what can I do? I had money left and got a new one. SAMSUNG PL150. It has a display on the front which is really, really adorable.

 I want to try them out as soon as my old ones are empty.

 You know what? I just saw them on so many blogs, I needed to buy it. The color is awesome.

 The same with this. Its gorgeous.

 I just saw this one by accident and it looks like all this awesome rose lipsticks in the japanese Magazins. So I had to buy it.
I also tested it on my arm, do you want to see pictures of it? With the eyeshadow and lipstick?

 This is something for my Stitch collection. :D

My tattoo. It has a really special meaning to me. I got another one behind my left ear. Something to do with music. Yeah. Maybe this one need to be redone in a few weeks but it healed really good.

Unstyled and so on. Any idead what I can do with my hair, as well as ponytail? I'm not satisfied at all but I don't have any ideas. Please, help me!!


  1. I'd be interested what the swatches look like
    and your tattoo is really adorable, the colour is so bright *.* nice work :D