March 8, 2011

LUSH Bathballs.

I just told you, that I LOVE LUSH. These were the both bathballs I had and yeah, they smelled awesome, were awesome and... gosh. I wish we would have a LUSH Shop in Hannover.

This is the Bath Ball - Magic Mushroom. It smells like strawberry and it also made a reddish water.

The Ex-Factor. I wanted something blue and this wasn't expensive.
Ex Factor bath ball. Awesome..
This was from the Ex Factor. Awesome blue water, as you can see.

Magic Mushroom. Looks scary, was awesome.

I can just hope you like LUSH too. They make vegan cosmetics, which are awesome.

Also, thursday I'll go to Berlin because Friday is the girugämesh concert. I can't wait for it. Also, I see my beloved Mimi because I'm allowed to stay at her home.

1 comment:

  1. Es ist Blau! *A* Ich will es!
    Hast du mittlerweile den ultimativ schäumenden Badezusatz gefunden?