April 28, 2011

Birthday Party

Hello Darlings,

today I'll tell you something about my party.

We had a theme which was called "Subcultures", something like Emo, Gothic, Hip Hop and so on. And hell yeah, it was so much fun.

I decided to dress up as emo, because I have my pink pants.

Also I was so happy to see my beloved friends from Hamburg. Nici and Carina weren't here for such a long time and I was so happy!

But I won't tell much more, pictures say more.. :D

 I got it, eh? 

 We always go outside on my birthday. This time too. And here are Carina and Nici ^_^

 Snapshot before everyone was here. 

 This outfit was from the last days. Ignore my stupid hair. I just wanted to show it to you.

 This is Sarah-Marie and me. She looked so good! <3

 Most were black, weren't they? But it was so much fun.

 Again, black. xD

 My Stitch collection is growing. *-* Also I start with collecting Disney Movies.

 Blurry Pic is blurry. But I love L43 and Fritz-Kola Melon Soda!

 Presents~~ you know what is in the ColourVue package? LENSES !! *_*
 Being vegetarian and just eating cheese is boring. Here we go. Nice idea for presents *_*

 With the lenses ! <3
This is something I got for myself. Stitch Panties. *-*


  1. Tolle Bilder! :3
    So viele Stitch-Sachen. <3

  2. I love your make-up & finally I see your blog <3

  3. DIE LINSEN! Der Hammer ôô♥
    & ja, den Emo-Stil beherrschste xDD

  4. So nice photos my beloved jenny! <3

  5. danke süße^^
    solche mottoparties sind einfach nur toll!*_*
    ich liebe das, es macht spaß und man muss sich selbst auch nicht so ernst nehmen ;P
    deine outfits sind sooo süß, ich wünschte ich hätte auch mal so stylingtalent^^'
    die stitch-pants! will sie haben;o; xD