April 25, 2011


Hello everyone,

Friday was my birthday and a good friend of mine visited me. Sarah.

We decided to make pictures in our kigurumis.
She got Stitch and I have Angel. It was funny, even so it was so warm outside!

 This was my make-up and outfit. :D
 I kinda liked it. Haven't worn this dress for such a long time..
 Sarah and me ^_^
 again Sarah and me..

 we are sooo cute~! xD
It was such an awesome day.
I really enjoyed being with her because she was at my house for the first time.

Next entry will be about my birthday party and the theme we had. (laughs)
Bye bye Honeys!


  1. Alles Gute nachträglich ♥ die Bilder sind unglaublich süß~

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich<3~
    süße bilder *.*

  3. Jeeehhh! Es war so toll! *A*
    und ich liebe deine Oma! und Günni is so superlieb! und Trixie! *______________*
    und du siehst einfach nur gut aus in deinem Kleid. Das mit Angel&Stitch müssen wir definitiv wiederholen!

  4. aww ich liebe dein outfit oben & die letzten zwei bilder unten ♥