April 3, 2011

Whats my Name?

Hello World,

y'know what? I got an awesome present from Netty - I have birthday in April and she just bought me a Miyavi concert ticket. I never ever saw him live - until now. I don't even knew the new songs. But it was one of the most gorgeous concerts ever. You can't compare it, I think. He is totally a live music person. He made party and my whole body hurts but I don't care.
We were in Hamburg, together with Kai and everything went so great. No screaming, no stupid people. And it was near to the Reeperbahn - love. It was such a nice thing. I had really much fun and enjoyed the show. He is so lovely and he loves the word "motherfucker", doesn't he? Little idiot. (laughs)

 Well, I always was like "If we meet again, you need to wear my angel costume." :D here we go.
 I need a ponytail. I'm not that satisfied, even so it doesn't look bad at all...

 My new baby. It got a display on both sides, as you can see :)
 ....yeah. XD
 My dog loves lying like this. And she loves Kai. She loves men in general.

 simple make-up. :)

 love that outfit. I wore my monki shoes with it. 

 In the car on the way to Hamburg !
 I also met Sarah-Marie, who dressed up so good just for me. It was so nice to see her again!

 We ate there. The pommes were just really really nice. English ones, I got. With vinegar.

 For those guys who was in the Bochum show from girugämesh. "Currywurst mit Pommes."



  1. Ihr seht voll süß aus, als Angel und Pikachu >//<

    Und der Tisch eh... wieviel habt ihr nur gesoffen eh xDDD~

    he!! Trixi liebt einfach alle, klar? 8DDDD~ Ich freu mich schon, wenn ich sie wieder knuddeln kann und sie mir die Füße wärmt.

    Du sahst voll hübsch aus und es war auch toll die anderen beiden kenne zu lernen! Deine Kamera ist einfach cool! *__*

    Und es freut mich das Miyavi so gut war! Wie schon so oft gesagt! <33

  2. huh? myv ist in deutschland? XD
    haha aber freut mich, dass du spaß hattest ♥

  3. @Flau: Ja is zur Zeit auf Tour, heute Köln und morgen München xD

  4. he's so awesome! I liked the concert a lot too! (when he was in barcelona :3)