May 11, 2011


Hello Darlings,

how are you at the moment? I'm way too stessed because I have my last exams in school.
But I really hope I can do it.

This will just be a short entry because I want to show you some things I bought in the last time. (from Januarty till now...? I don't even know.)

Next tuesday I'll be in Bremen with my class, so I can go to Primark again. I have money left for it. Yeah.

 Ilona and me orderd some lashes some time ago.

 More lashes!
 Brush Set! I really needed one.
 Random outfit for the first sunny day and partying with friends.

 I made these. Awesome, right? Even so I'm not that addicte to sweets.
 I love these kind of jackets and I finally found one in march.

 Present for myself. My new mobile phone and congstar gave me one month internet as present. Now it has a case too!
There was a Pimkie event in the online store - 50% on everything and I always wanted a cute jumpsuit. Isn't it pretty? I love it!

So darlings, enjoy the good weather and please wish me luck!


  1. aww ich muss auch lernen für die abiklausuren..uff ;o;
    ich wünsch dir glück<3
    der jumpsuit is ja echt süß*_*

  2. Oh man n Pinselset...sollt ich mir vll auch mal zulegen <<.

    Der Overall sieht super süß aus ♥ mach mal Fotos damit!!

    && viel Glück bei den Prüfungen!!

  3. cute jacket! :D

  4. yeahhh ich bin erwähnt :D
    sehr schicke neue sachen♥