June 12, 2011

Bibimbap and Outfits

Hello my Dears,

as you can see: I have some time left to make entries more often. Just 1 last text and oral exam and I'm done! :D
I thank you all for the comments and I'll prepare a make up post soon.

I wish it would be warmer outside, because I want to get more tan...

But well, yesterday was the birthday of a good friend of mine and before Klatti and me got invited to eat at the "Koreahouse" from Jan.

 outfit from thursday. Kinda rockish.

 This was my outfit for friday. I like brown/white a lot lately..
 Close up..
 This was my outfit for the lunch and birthday party. I wore a blazer too.
 We had this ultra cool table at the Koreahouse..
 This was in the card
 vegetable soup *_*
 Caros little son under the plate...
THIS was so freaking awesome. Bibimbap.

Well, after this entry I'll do a post with a late birthday present.
It was so cute from Teru...he gave me so much!


  1. ich finde beide outfits super klasse !!
    wirklich sehr hübsch :3 dein style gefällt mir voll gut liebes :)

  2. ahw das essen sieht alles so lecker aus! und dein outfit vom freitag sieht so mega süß aus :DD
    trifft genau meinen geschmack
    hab noch einen schönen abend :D
    lg kaddy

  3. I love your second outfit, sweet and lovely =)