June 7, 2011

Danza Kuduro..

As you maybe know I'm addicted to Fast and the Furious - doesn't matter which one. And after watching Fast Five for the... maybe third time - this song is stucking in my head since forever. Its the perfect song for summer.

Well, I also ordered some things in the last time. Haircurler, the dress from Shou and NYX Make Up. 

My friend Ageha also made a blogger adress. You may visit her blog here.

And as I know that entries without pictures suck, I'll give you some.
I just have 20 schooldays left and yeah... I'll make it somehow. I think.

 We made a "chill-in" at my home and Michi made Mojito Bowle. Hell, I'm addicted to it.

 The other day we went to Steinhude - it was just the most awesome day ever. The sun was shining, I got tan...and I just love my friends.

 From thursday till Sunday was Marie at my home. Friday we visited Uli's birthday party. We dressed up really nicely. Everybody told us so :) Fail hair is fail. Wayne.

As you can see... I wore this awesome dress I recently got. 

 And now I need to go offline - studying English and economies. 
Bye bye!


  1. Viel Glück noch in deiner restlichen Schulzeit! XD

    In dem Kleid siehst du so hübsch aus! <3
    Ich mag diese Blümchenmuster total. Aber bisher habe ich noch nicht wirklich irgendetwas gefunden, das mir so richtig gefällt. :/

    Ich habe deine Freundin gleich mal geaddet. Bin sowieso immer auf der Suche nach interessanten Blogs. Haha!

  2. awww wie schön dass dir das kleid gefällt *_*

  3. Thank you, hun <3
    THe dress is awsome! *o*

  4. also für bc moisture kick (das grüne) und schwarzkopf osis (silber) hab ich ~15 euro bei amazon bezahlt, für das silbershampoo von schwarzkopf hab ich ohne versand 7 euro bezahlt glaube ich..bei ebay gekauft^^
    das sind echt gute sachen, auch profizeuch das man halt nich in der drogerie bekommt und das friseure benutzen