June 20, 2011

L♥ve Damage Meeting #3

Hello my Gals,

on saturday I met up with my beloved gals and my little brother in Bremen.
It was such an awesome meet up and I laughed so much!
I think we fit all together perfectly and I was really sad that Pia was missing this day...

But well, Yasmin just called me in the morning and was about to cancel buut she did it and arrived well in Bremen! 

But now I'll show you pictures.

I love my girls and the guy :)

 Random Picture with mobile phone.
 Maikel and me.
 Julia and her awesome outfit :3
 Yasmin and me.
 Mü and me. She had such awesome hair!

 way too light but.. <3
 Yasmin and Maikel
 Julia and me.

I hope you like the pictures :3


  1. I love my girls!!!!! ... and the guy!

    hahaha I love you too, it was an awesome day!
    Thank you! <3

    And I just loved your outfit! >D
    (Schleim Schleim Schleim)


  2. aww das kleid steht dir ja wirklich super *-*
    wie schön dass ihr alle spaß hattet :3
    ihr seid echt ne coole truppe^^

  3. Sehr hübsche Bilder ♥ ich mag deine Haarfarbe so!!

  4. solche treffen sind halt einfach schön und machen mega viel spaß und das sieht man bei deinen bildern :)

  5. yayyyy ♥ ich seh erste fotos vom treffen *u*
    so much fun, aye! <33333
    ich lieb euch alle so x)))

  6. All of you look great. :)
    Hope you had lots of fun!

  7. I love your pics. ^o^~
    You look so beautiful.

    Thank you for your nice comment. <3

  8. *o* du hast so ein hübsches Gesicht!