June 29, 2011

Outfit Spam + I am the Best.

Good evening,

I just feel like enjoying my free time. Yesterday and the day before I was tanning and hell yeah, I got a little darker. My aunt is also here to visit my grandma and she brought me a lot of things! I'm always happy about presents and it was so good, because she got some things, I really really like!
Its like...somehow a late late birthday present, but I don't care. I was so happy about them.

Tomorrow I'll get my certification and then I have summer vacations. I'm SO looking forward to it.
And next week I'll get my hair done for the first time, and the week after, when I'm in Hamburg, Nici will do my hair with the right colour. I can't wait.

Also, I'm in love with "I'M the Best" from 2NE1. I so love the outfits. Hell yeah.
 Everyone got this one in leoprint. Well, my aunt bought it in polkadot print, but I love it!

She also got me this lace dress. It was on sale as we went to town together, as well, as the jeans jacket. It was so kind from her ;3;
 Jeans Jacket. Hell, I needed one so badly and now I finally got one.
 Well, it looks kinda bad on the picture, but finally a maxi dress. Yasmin and me saw it at our meeting from Love Damage and my aunt had to think about me, as she saw it and... yeah. *-*

 You can see me wearing the new dress..

 Censored boobs, but not that good.. but I liked this random snapshot..

 This was what I wore on our girls evening after getting the results of Jessis exams and so on. It was such a nicee day with Asti Cilzano, Singstar and cocktails. :)
 Everyone wanted to see: Here you go. I love them. They're long, but lovely.

And as I told you, I love 2NE1's new song.


  1. awwww~ schöne sachen*o* ich brauche auch unbedingt mal ohrringe^^ XD hab nicht mal löcher lol
    ich mag das rüschenkleid, falls du solche magst, vll weißt du es schon aber bei MADONNA gibt es immer sehr viele kleider in genau diesem stil^^

  2. die Jeansjacke will ich auch mal an dir sehen! die sieht so kurz aus O_O

    die Ohrringe sind irgendwie geil :3

    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-EwbUtsGx5G8/TguBfkHhiMI/AAAAAAAAAY0/7HMSCMAuVyk/s1600/SAM_2101.jpg die Strumpfhose passt voll gut <3

  3. danke für dein kommi :D
    ka warum aber diese saison liebe ich jumpsuits über alles :D
    all die jahre hab ich sie gehasst auf einmal liebe ich sie xDD
    und deiner mit den punkten ist sooo mega süß <3

  4. geile Sachen, geiles Video, geile Jenny!


  5. Hah, das Laceding wollte ich mir erst in rosa kaufen, sieht bestimmt toll aus =D

  6. also ich bin 1,77 XD und das kleid hat wohl 66 cm gesamtlänge xD und es endet so ziemlich über meinem po :D
    aber ich weiß schon wo ich ne passende shorts bekomme damits nich so kagge aussieht xDD
    & und ich denke auch das ne kleine zierliche japanerin mit 1,56 größe locker in das kleid passen würde und es dann nicht zu kurz wäre xD
    lg kaddy

  7. Pretty buys! ^^ I luurve the brown and white dress the most <3