June 26, 2011

Sick of it.

Guys, you know what?

I'm sick of my dark hair. Its almost a year now, as I decided to make it darker.
Before I had a really light blondish colour - I don't want that one, but I don't want to have dark hair anymore.

So, my friend Nici and I talked about how to make my hair than... and we (well, I) made a decision, but I'll show you, when I'm finished.

Soon my holidays will start, I hope I'll meet a lot of people.

I get myself the "vacation student ticket" or just "Schülerferienticket" - so if you live in lower saxony or nearby, we maybe could meet-up, if you want to.

 I just made cheap shopping at Primark with my gals. I love feathers to death at the moment.
 new simple bag with frills. Its little but also enough place for everything.
 feather earrings which looks really nice. Next entry I'll post some pictures wearing them.
Hairband - but you can use it as a belt too.

Well, I wish you all a good night.
I got 82 lovely followers and I thank you for that. You're great. Thanks also for your kind comments.


  1. haare färben klingt gut, auch wenn ich deine dunklen haare mochte^^ aber kann verstehen, wenn man genervt ist von haaren, bin ich auch oft ._.
    bin gespannt auf das ergebnis^^
    die sachen von primark sind ja toll *_*
    und schülerferienticket is das beste :)) leider bin ich kein schüler mehr und hab bis oktober gar kein ticket mehr ;0; maaaaaaaaao

  2. The feather hairband looks cool! :]
    And I kinda know how you feel. I had short blond hair some years ago and from time to time I feel like cutting my current hair back short and dying it blond again x) But I'm always glad I didn't after this weird feeling is gone! lol

  3. Tolle Sachen! :3

    Und ich bin gespannt auf deine Haarfarbe! :3

  4. wuah, ich will echt ein Bild mit den Ohrringen! die sehen soo riesig aus O_O aber Federn sind toll <3

    freu mich schon auf deine neuen Haare! und auf meine, höhö *-*

  5. Love the feather earrings! They're beautiful.

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  6. I love feather stuff! It's just amazing.
    I really need to buy stuff like that, too <3

    Excited about ur hair.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so viele federn :)

  8. Danke! :3
    mwoah die federohrringe sind cool obwohl ich sie nicht tragen würde XD die sind mir zu groß
    Schamanenschmuck :D <3

    Caddü // andersfarbig ( ≥ ᴥ • )