July 16, 2011

95 Followers, Day in Göttingen, Dog

Hello my lovely followers,

I just saw that I got 95 awesome followers. Thank you so much!! Really!
Well, I promised myself I'll do a give away if I reach 100 followers, they are just 5 people left!

Now I'll tell you about my day in Göttingen. I just told you that I visited Maikel and Steffi <3
We went partying and had a lot of fun. The music was really good - and they played Danza kuduro which is my all time favorite summer song!

 This picture isn't the prettiest of us but well, I love him so much. You mean the world to me, little Maiki. <3

 I wore a dress from Steffi which looks pretty cute but I haven't got a better picture.

 Here you see: Facebook on a pretty big tv.

 We were on chatroulette for laughing a little. And hell! This was creepy.

 Steffi has the most cutest things. Like Minnie Mouse glasses!
 Steffi <3

Have I ever showed you some pictures of my biggest love? She's everything for me. She's eight years old and called Trixi. She is such a lovely dog and she loves everyone.

 <3 She doesn't like taking pictures but yeah. I got one!

And this is Aky. He belongs to my stepmother but he's cute too. You can't see very much of him, sorry!

Well, now its up to you. 
Which entry should follow tomorrow?
Make Up Post?
Hamburg with Yasmin, Maikel and friends (also Bubble Tea!)
or my newest gets (I got some awesome bedclothing)


  1. Das Bild von dir und Maikel ist süß xDDD
    Und irgendwann muss ich Chatroulette einfach auch mal probiern eh...

    Ich wäre für den Hamburg-Post ♥

  2. Du bist so süß!
    Ich liebe dich so! ♥

    Und ich bin auch für den HH Post! >D

  3. hamburg post bitte^^
    süße hunde *v*
    und ihr hattet echt viel spaß <3 tolle bilder :3

  4. Minnie Maus Glas *__________*
    :D <3

    Ich mag deine Haarfarbe total! Ist das Honigblond? :)

  5. ahhh, vielen dank für das kompliment zu meinem blog und vielen dank fürs verfolgen.. :3 mich wundert, dass ich deinen bisher noch nicht kannte *_* ein echt süßer blog und du bist auchnoch so ne hübsche.. :D ich glaube, ich wäre auch für den hamburg-post..
    der hund meiner großeltern heißt übrigens auch trixi :D und ich glaube, wenn ich mich recht erinnere, bin ich auchnoch mit schuld am namen.. naja ^-^