July 9, 2011


Well yeah, I finally made it.
My hair is not exactly one colour but it looks worser on the picture than in real life.
I will make better pictures, I promise.. but I made this two yesterday before I left for partying and needed to hurry.

 This was before. I was YELLOW. And I look dead, I'm sorry.

 Here you can see the result the best, I think. Neutral  light and so on.

 Well, the light wasn't the best and the colour looks not like in real, but... blonde :D

And another one~

Now I need to leave again, because I'll go to a festival near to my village. Kinda looking forward to it.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!~ SEXY HAIR!!!~ <3 i liked!! ( n_n )/

  2. die haarfarbe gefällt mir ^^
    btw ich war vorher auch noch nie bei ikea das war gestern das erste mal ^^'
    allerdings sind das bett, der schreibtisch + stuhl von heine nich von ikea ^^' hab ich aber nirgends dazu geschrieben ^^
    lg kaddy