July 17, 2011

Hamburg with my Dears


as you for sure know: JAPAN won! Well, that was a game!! It was really really great to watch and I wished so much that Japan will win it.

But now to the Hamburg part (I also got the idea to post a "earlier" and "Now" pictures. This would be fun, though.)

I went to Hamburg with my beloved Maikel to visit Yasmin. Hell, we had a lot of fun. We went to Justea to drink Bubble Tea, shopped at Monki, ate Sushi and got Calpis. Could it be any nicer? Yes, we saw also Nici and Carina and got lenses! All in all: I enjoyed the day so much and again I know why I love Hamburg so much. It just feels like home... somehow. Not my real home but more then here. Maybe its so because they're living some of my very good friends.

 Yasmin and Maikel - you looked both good *w*

 We love making stupid faces while long train rides.
 öhöhöhö. <3
 Central Station.. <3

 Here's yamyam. I want to go there too...
 My bubble tea. Mango and lychee.

 Yasmins. It was with crushed ice.

 While drinking... xD
 At Monki!
 Sakura Sushi. Sakura Sushi is soo goood!
 Nici and Carina - yah, I'm a stalker!
calpiiis! *_*

We also saw some strange guys on our way back. One punk was naked...this was all so creepy and strange. 
But well, now I need to sleep and also thank you so much!! 99 followers now *_*


  1. awww~ schöne fotos *v*
    ihr hattet wohl wirklich spaß^^ ich muss unbedingt endlich bubble tea trinken^^

  2. Sieht nach viel Spaß aus! Und das Sushi muss lecker gewesen sein **
    Aber...der war wirklich ganz nackt? x.x

  3. aa I love sushi too~~ :D
    love your blog~
    btw follow you, hope you can do the same~


  4. Ohh, du musst mir verraten, wo genau Justea ist, ok? ;P