July 5, 2011

He's sugar.

Hello everyone,

have I ever told you about my little nephew?
He's my sweet angel and I love him to death. He's just like the cutest person I've ever seen.

I just censored my stepmother because she hates pictures. But my darling is looking so cute!

At the moment I'm wearing my wig because I need to dye my hair again to make it look like I want it to.
Yesterday I was (again) in Bremen with Caro, Jan and Klatti. But it was sale. I bought my haircolour and some cute things. And I haven't spent much money, which is really good.

Sarah-Marie is going to make a date for my new tattoo on friday (as well as for hers) and I can't wait for it. It has a really really special meaning because its like it is. But I won't tell you until now. The one next to my butterfly will follow in september. Cherry blossoms.

 I looked so stupid in these but I love this outfit.
 Finally I found a blouse I really like!

with blazer. I need a black cardigan so BAD.


  1. Ich freu mich schon so sehr! Es ist wirklich was besonderes und ich sag dir Freitag auch gleich Bescheid! <3

  2. dein neffe ist super süß <3