August 4, 2011

BBQ Party !

Hello gals and boys~,

yesterday I went to a BBQ party a friend of mine made.
It was lots of fun and later we played Mario Kart on N64!
The good old N64.. yeah, it was fun.
Also we bought many stuff like beer, meat, vegetarian bbq mix for me, salad, potatoes and so on... I was so full after all of that.
But I enjoyed the evening pretty much and it was the first time since long I felt well because I liked my outfit.

 My outfit on my bed.

 Eye-Make, sad the silver was gone after driving lesson but well!
 another outfit picture.

Random webcam picture. xD

 well, I love my nails like this!

 Yeah, my friends smoke a lot, don't they? But you can see my veggie mix and yeah XD
 This was...lunch. Well, more or less. I loved them as child but I was so full after a half!


yep, Super mario!! Fun like hell!


  1. dein outfit ist echt hübsch*v*

  2. luv your nails (>∀<●)ノ

  3. yay mario kart !! XDD <3<3 das ist echt eine gute idee !=) mein freund + kleiner bruder haben letztes jahr die auch mal ausgegraben ! haha
    und auch yay für s grillen ;^^; <3 <3

    hübsches outfit <3<3

  4. das 'regret' teil ist cool~
    Sieht auch wie gazette merchandise XD

  5. Das Shirt sieht echt toll aus! *_*

  6. Deine Nägel sind echt toll! Ich war bisher nicht wirklich für den crackle-look zu begeistern, aber in deiner Kombi sieht das echt cool aus :D

  7. Dein Outfit ist unglaublich toll! *O*

  8. WOW!... you kinda look like Avril Lavigne!