August 6, 2011


Hello dear readers,

in my vacation I went to Hamburg (like always :D) and had a LOT of fun. First I went to a good friend of mine, I never was at his place and it was really pretty there in Ohlstedt. I wasn't able to meet Marie but thats another topic which shouldn't be listed here.
On the second day (well, I arrived at 0:21 in Hamburg on thursday...), friday, we went to meet-up with Yasmin and drank bubble tea. It was Davids first time and it was funny, though~. 

 I saw that sky as I traveld towards Hamburg.. awesome.
 Bubble Tea!!

 Yasmin made this ultra cool "grudge" picture of me. I love it XD
You know... I've just got summer things with me!! I needed a pair of closen shoes and I got them for five euros. I haven't got any good outfit with me because I thought it will be warm. BUT HELL, SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU?!

 Davids parents have a wood-house. So awesome. Even if it was a little scary because.. yeah, there were a lot of trees in front of the window.
 Hell, we were to lazy to cook so we got Sushi online. I want something like this too!!

This TV is somehow funny. We decided to watch Fight Club and after that we saw Butterfly Effect 3 on TV..

But well, after two days I went to Sarah-Marie, a really good friend of mine. We watched true blood, drank rose wine, ate pizza and talked. The day after we were invited to Nicis place, because we wanted to make chocolate fondue. It was so much fun! After that we played Wii and so on. I enjoyed my time with my friends so much. We were 5. Katty, Crü, Nici, Sarah-Marie and me. Marie was missing but we thought of her!

 While watching True Blood...
While watching True Blood the second..

 Chocolate Fondue!! Awesome!

 Wii! *_* I love it. Mario Party, Mario Kart.. all.
 our round~ *_*
 You know all, we love Harry Potter, well, Sarah-Marie and me and Nicis brother got this awesome poster in his former room! AWESOME!

Random Picture, in black and white it looked much better. Gosh, I was so tired that day...

Thats all, I want to do this again and again. We had a lot of fun (well, me had!)


  1. mag deine rosa strähnen (●'З`)dカワイイ

  2. Freut mich das du so viel Spaß hattest/hast x33~
    <3 Bubble Tea *___* love love <333
    schöne Bilder ^-^

  3. *^^* mensch das klingt danach als hättest du viel spaß gehabt <3 freut mich für dich!<3

  4. Krüppelfotoalarm beim Fondue XDDDD
    will's auch wiederholen!! <3

  5. bubble tea ;°; I want to try it too. I've never tasted it before~

    seems like you had a lot of fun eh ^^

  6. Wir hatten wirklich sehr viel Spaß und du weißt ja, wie ich über diesen wunderschönen Abend denke und auch allgemein über das Wochenende, als du da warst.
    Ich mag unser Foto! <3