August 31, 2011

Photoshop Fail, eBay Lenses, Outfit and Give Away!

Hello Darlings!

How are you? I miss the summer - it is so damn cold outside! I was freezing like hell, even if I wore my pullover. Strange weather is strange.
School is somehow okay, but I dislike maths Q_Q its so hard! And that just by now...
Also my money card is not usable and I'm waiting like a week or more for it and also the "TÜV" writing but well...
I can't wait till holidays! I want to go to Hamburg (hopefully with my OWN car! *_* )

But I want to show you something! I used photoshop (I'm a noob, don't care) to look if dramatic eyelashes would look good on me... well, I'm quite satisfied.

 Here you can also see my grey lenses. Well, they are grey....somehow.

 without trying new lashes. Simple School outfit.

 now y'know - I failed !! XD Lenses picture were taken with flash, first without.

 Its so hard to get pictures with her because she doesn't like. But I love her sososo much!

 Again.. xD

 Without curls but with dog running into the picture. xD It was warm...back then.

Another simple outfit for school which should look kinda cute..

Right now, math homeworks are waiting and the bento for tomorrow. Byebye beloveds!


  1. Oh, I'm loving your fake photoshop eyelashes. Dramatic ones would look great on you. :) Aww, your dog is so cute, mine is just like that when I'm taking pictures. Haha, always in the middle of it. :D Hope you are doing great! Cya~

  2. ich weiß was du meinst mit dem wetter. julia hat fett grippe jetzt und liegt im bett ahahaha XD

  3. Jaaahhaa man dass is echt kein sommer wetter mehr @-@

    naja jez zum positiven hoho
    dein make up plus die circle lenses sind echt coooeeell*-*
    Darf ich fragen wo du sie her hast >_<

    Und mathe... Ich hab mich auch immer damit geprügelt mein beileid ;_;

  4. Das Outfit wo dir der Hund ins Bild läuft ist total schön <3
    der Style steht dir ungemein.

    Und die Lashes ebenso..solltest du dir auch in real zulegen ^^

  5. hahaha your dog is so cute! xD mainly in the second picture with you X3

    and your outfits are simple but perfect! <3 love them!

  6. Dramatische WImpern stehen dir gut, bin ja eh n Fan davon :D do it!
    Und dein Hund is toll <3 xD
    die Linsen find ich auch super, hab nur leider festgestellt, dass mir die Circle Lenses die auch tatsächlich nen schwarzen Ring drum haben, nich stehen..naja..ich geb die Hoffnung nich auf ;_;

  7. Ich glaub auch so richtig dramatische Wimpern würden dir ziemlich gut stehen! Solltest du auf jeden Fall mal ausprobieren ♥

    Welche Linsen trägst du da eigentlich gerade :O? Sind echt hübsch.

  8. die linsen sehen voll schön aus<3

    und dickes fettes ja zu wimpern!!!! ♥

  9. Deine Augen sehn echt hammer aus!!!

  10. ahhh T_T es ist wirklich super kalt draußen XD zumindest die letzten tage.. ! ich bin so traurig, weil wir keinen richtigen sommer hatten!

  11. Bei uns ist es auch super super kalt :( Ich frier ununterbrochen, egal wie dick ich angezogen bin -.-

  12. those lenses look amazing! O_O

    What do you mean you used photoshop?? Did you draw them on?? @__@

  13. I love your lenses! Your outfits are really cute too, as are you! (^_^)

  14. wunderschöne augen *_______*
    und die sachen sind so toll ♥♥♥

  15. Omg I love your eyes. You're so cutee. *w*

  16. Cold? Wow, it's still hot in Spain... We have a looong summer, and I love summer and hot, really, but sometimes it's too much hot, aergsrdgver!! >////<

    I loveeee those circle lenses, your eyes look ausomeee!! *_______*