August 15, 2011

[Sponsored] Nerdbirds Review

Hello dear followers,

today I got a parcel from "" who sponsered me a really cute necklace.
Maybe you heard from Nerdbirds before?
They produce such cute things. Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and so on and they are all selfmade and special.
They also manufacture nickel-free accesoires, so everyone can wear them. For everyone, please have a look at their page and don't hesitate to order something. Nerdbirds are also very friendly and answer pretty fast.
Thank you so much!

Now to my necklace:

 Such a cute packaging!

 Sorry for blurry picture. But they also included a button!
 The necklace itself. Its so cute. I love it.
The closing. Cute too!

Thank you for sponsoring me this great necklace!


  1. passt grad nicht zum thema: aber hab gelesen das du öfter in hamburg bist *_* ??

  2. Die Kette ist echt total süß :)

  3. dankeschön :)

    DIE KETTE MIT DER SCHWALBE! OMG seeeeehr schön *o*