August 20, 2011


Hello followers!

How are you today? I'm fine. I had a great evening yesterday but I'll post about it the other days.
But now I'll show you my tattoos. My butterfly need to be redone because the blue got too light. But it's okay. I need to see Nancy on the 5th of september because I have an appointment.
I want to have cherry blossoms next to it..

 a grading key with bass key the other way round. Can you see the heart? Music is everything. Music is love. Life. Music rescued me many times.

There it is. It has a really special meaning to me. I won't tell everyone but well, a really good friend of mine drew it for me. Its pretty. But as you can see, the blue is way too light...

The last one. It still needs to heal. I got it on monday two weeks ago as a present.
Yes, I know, wrist is also maybe not the best place but I don't care. I know what I did. And its important to me. Really, really important.

You may remember the scene from Harry Potter?

"For him?" shouted Snape. "Expecto Patronum!"
From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
"After all this time?"
"Always" said Snape.

 This was made for my grandfather and my mother who died way too young. I still love them both. Always. They are in my heart. Always. Not just for them, but for all my friends who stand by my side for such a long time. I don't tell a name, I think you know. I love you.


  1. eigentlich halte ich persönlich nicht viel von tatoos.. also ich finds okay, wenn man sich die machen lässt XD aber ich persönlich hätte keine lust auf eins, weil ich bestimmt irgenwann genervt davon wäre..
    aber dein "always" tatoo und der gedanke dahinter find ich schön =) und ich mag auch deine anderen zwei tatoos <3<3

  2. hey hey, danke dass du meinen blog liest <3

    hab dann mal deinen angescahut, und lese ihn absofort auch regelmäßig <3

  3. ich hab auch keine tattoos, aber ich finde die idee, wenn sie eine bedeutung haben, eigentlich sehr schön. Ich würde mir auch eins machen, wenn ich nicht so ein schisser wäre xD
    Deine tattoos finde ich sehr hübsch und die Bedeutung vom Always-tattoo finde ich schön :)
    Ich hab deinen Blog gerade erst entdeckt und lese ihn jetzt regelmäßig :D

  4. danke für die komplimente *__*
    ich finde deine tattos alle sehr schön! auch die orte an denen du sie hast finde ich sehr passend. auch das sie alle eine bedeutung haben finde ich toll *schwääärm*

  5. Ich hab Pippi in den Augen .///.
    Wegen always.. es ist so schön, ich glaub mit meinem einzigen Tattoo lohnt sich ein Post drüber nicht :D

  6. das always tattoo find ich toll :3!
    auch so..warum und so...~ ♥

  7. nice tattoo..
    i like snape the most from harry potter

  8. I like all of them! :) Planning to get any more? (Besides the cherry blossoms)

  9. I LOVE YOUR HARRY POTTER TATTOO SO MUCH! T_T that part with Snape and Dumbledore was so damn heart-wrenching! I almost hate JK Rowling for not letting Snape have Lilly! T___T

  10. Yes I know right?! T___T UGH when the clips rolled in the movie I almost got teary-eyed, even though it wasn't that bad when I read the book. EVERYTHING that Snape did throughout all the books finally made sense. *cries* GUHH I love the whole story WAY more now because of Snape and Lilly. Imagine if they'd had children :'D AWWW<3 Harry Snape? LOL. HAHAHA

  11. Ahhh expect to cry your eyes out! T_T it's so sad and heartbreaking!
    Haha, thanks so much <3 You're quite the looker yourself : D

  12. very pretty tattooes you have. I'm insecure about getting one myself but I'd really love to have one because of a special reason.

    keep going! :)

  13. my dear jenn this post was very touching and left me speechless. I know you've been through a lot of trouble and I'm always happy to read posts about good times though. only the best!

  14. Replied to your comment on my blog! (THANKYOUUU~)

    I did end up seeing this post after my last comment ~ hehe. Lovely tatts girly :> I love tattoo's coz they hold a story to our pasts/life.

    Mine was done in Taiwan and my ex bf's mom chose the Mandarin symbol, 'inner beauty/elegance' for me. I took it as a motivation to become a stronger, more elegant, woman :) I was 18 at the time and now I'm 21.

    I will post about it later just for you with pictures ~ x3 (I plan on posting about my past experiences too :D)

  15. P.S. & about combining with butterfly~ I still go with my opinion on no outline. Just maybe outline with a darker pink :3 Make the sakura's realistic looking for sureee~