September 20, 2011

Connichi Part 2

So, now to the other parts, some of the con-pictures. But they are so much, I can't post them at once.
I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
I don't feel well, but...yeah. I caught a cold and I just received how I have to work the next weeks. I'm overdone, but its okay. Fun and money. <3

 Maikel and me. He was so handsome!
 With Steffi ! <3
 Hello Kitty!
 For someone special <3
 Pupsi got a present and...her view was just awesome XD
 They looked so great T_T!
 Silent Hill! The girl even walked like them!! Awesome!
 cute things Steffi bought :)
 Steffi and me
 I finally got to see Mutsu a little longer and she was just a cutie!!
 be-stupid-time xD
 Isn't this just cute! The Stitch came to me and hugged me T_T <3
 Conny! She is such a nice and awesome gal. You can see my Stitch there too. Wanna meet you again <3
 Sailor Moon cosplay!
 Towli *-*
 The death. That was so scary...
 Again Conny and me <3
 idiot-time :D
 Franzis awesome Domo-Kun cake!!
 Chiara looked good as hell in that! <3

Franzi and me. I looked too stupid.. xD

Finally, Ben and his Domo!


  1. You was cute!! *O*
    and also beautiful~ ♥
    as I read/saw, you have lot of fun~ !

  2. jaaaaaaaa toll wars - war echt schön euch getroffen zu haben :)

    Aber süße Fotos iwie xD♥
    War toll mal bissl länger mit dir zu reden ♥ vllt ham wir ja nochmal die Chance dazu~

    Der Domokuchen eh (*_____________________*)♥

  4. du siehst so süß aus auf den fotos :) und ich find den "tod" als cosplay acuh ziemlich krass xDD

    und die handystraps die sich die steffi gekauft hat sind sooo süß *___* ist das roase ein kackhaufen? XD

  5. wow you look really cute <3
    the pictures are sooo cool :)

  6. Mutsu is super cute! And I love the lion cosplay that Chiara did! : D I just received my dinosaur kigurumi last week >: D it's so awesome!

  7. Ahhhhw, wie süß! x3 ~ Ich liebe das Kigurumi an dir, rosa und pink stehen dir total! =D

    So viele tolle Fotos, so viele tolle Cosplays und interessante Leute! Das sieht nach ganz viel Spaß aus! x3

    Aber der Tod... scary. O__O"

  8. die bilder sind total süß *-* <333

    ich hab den gleichen kigurumi wie du <33
    angel ♥ :3
    wir sind glaube sogar an einander vorbeigelaufen XD

  9. how cute! and the cosplays are awesome *-* I wish I was there oh well xD
    seems like you had a lot of fun =)

  10. waah! Have you got a Angel Kigurumi?? I've a Stich!!! :DDD
    Nice photos and awesome persons! *____*

    Super cute cake! <3

  11. THE DOMO CAKE *O* nomnomnom :B And i love your costumes, so adorable! i loved the digimon characters, so realistic :O
    seems like you had a fun day ;D

    Love * Sofia

  12. OMG ich will auch mal auf die connichi T_____T