September 7, 2011

Give-Away Winner

Hello my dears,

I finally had the time to choose the winner of my give-away!
I used and made pictures!
Ignore my ugly writing, please xD

And the winner is... Asuka!
I just e-mailed you and hope you'll have fun with the things! <3

Also, I decided to make another give-away if I reach 200+ followers and have so many ideas in mind!! Can't wait and I hope I'll reach enough readers! Sorry that you haven't won this time, but maybe next time? And please don't unfollow me now ;__; I love you and also reading your blogs too!

I love every single one of you!!


  1. Again, thank you so much!! I can't believe I won hehe I'm looking so forward =) Thanks for hosting this great giveaway

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  3. Awwe~ I think your handwriting is cute! ^^
    And congrats to the winner! ;3