September 10, 2011

Last Weekend!

Hello Dears,

how are you today? The sun is shining and I just thought summer is breaking through the clouds again and I hope it will last a while.
Last weekend I celebrated with my friends, that I got my parttime job next to school and that Jessis boyfriend was here.
First, friday, we went to a pub and it was really, really nice.

 Michis Döner of doom!

 my outfit for that day!
 with korilakkuma! and my room is looking like mess again.. xD

 I love them. They are so cute together!

 Picture is like "what the fuck? y u no...?!"
Haha~~ strange pic is strange!

The day after we went to "Bandhaus" and guess what? I played drums! It was just like the most awesome thing I did in a while. I want a drumset so bad. I had so much fun...

 but I just have my outfit pictures from that day, I'm sorry! <3

 unhealthy hair is unhealthy.. xD and no lashes and lenses, sorry!

I love you my dears! Kiss for you!


  1. awww, selbst ohne lashes & lenses siehst du bezaubernd aus <3

  2. Drums sind cool ^0^ Aber ich glaub ich wär zu unbegabt dafür xD

    Dein Kleid / Jumpsuit auf den letzten Bildern ist süß <3 Wo hast du das her? :3

  3. I think you look really pretty without gyaru make too! :)

  4. When I was a child, I really wanted to play the drums, but my parents recorded me to piano... DD:

  5. Klasse Bilder! Sieht nach richtig viel Spaß aus!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Job! =3