September 26, 2011

Stitch Collection and Outfits

Hello my Dears,

how was your weekend? I hope good! Mine was stressful, work was really hard but well, it's normal. Saturday everyone got free (more or less) and then they go shopping~ and eat at Subway :D
Yes, I work at Subway and it is fun, although it is hard.
Therefor I just show you two simple outfits without extensions and I decided to make pictures of my Stitch collection! <3

 New Shoes and scarf which I'll show you in my next entry!

 I'm a freak. You can make it bigger, ne?

 Detail #1
 Detail #2
 Detail #3
And this super great present which I got from Carina to my birthday! <3


  1. omg wie geil, wie im stitch paradies!! *Q*

  2. wow~ so viel Stitch! XD Aber die Outfits finde ich cooll! <3 Die Stiefel sehen auch super aus, soweit ich sehen kann!

  3. Ich mag vorallem das erste Outfit, ds schaut total schick aus <3

  4. Nice collection ! :D very cute <3 i also want to collect on something cute but i don't know what yet :/

  5. süße plüschis *-* ich mag deine outfits

  6. Wah, ich bin total neidisch auf deine Tstitchsammlung :D Er ist einfach nur toll ♥

  7. sehr sinnvoll so Stitchsachen auf blauer Decke zu fotografieren XDDDD <3