October 7, 2011

BB Cream Review+Dolly Wink Liquid

Hello my dears,

some of you wanted to make me a review about both products.
Also you wanted to know where I get them. I just got them from eBay. Both. Just look for BB cream or dolly wink liquid eyeliner!

the normal eye liner.


 normal line.

and you can make really thin lines too. I'm in love with it! And it is really deep black!

the BB cream now.

maybe it was a little too much, but as you can see: it covers perfect. I love it!
But I would only recommend it to people with a light skin!

This was it for today. Tomorrow I'll meet up with a friend and just to say it: I passed the theoretical part of the driver license. Just praxis left!


  1. schöne reviews^^ aber welche bb cream ist das denn?

  2. OWW I wanna try this liner so bad!

  3. Congratulations~ Hope you're doing fine in your praxis

  4. makes me want the eyeliner =( good review

  5. Nice review. Got the BB-cream too and it's srsly awesome <3

  6. Schöne review! <3
    Hab auch ne BB cream. Meine ist von Garnier! Mit der bin ich auch total zufrieden! :)
    Und ich glaub so nen Dolly Wink Eyeliner muss ich mir demnächst auch mal her tun. :D