October 26, 2011

Hamburg pt. 2 (picture heavy)

Hey dears,

just a few days of vacations left and yesterday I worked like 9 hours and a half instead of 6 and a half. It was hard but lot of fun too.
At the moment I'll wait for some things from eBay. I can't wait! Hope some will arrive today.. I hope for that.
In two hours I have driving lesson and I hope soon I'll have my license.
But well, now I will continue with my Hamburg part. First, Carinas birthday!

We dressed up early in the morning and arrived at Nicis home at... well, afternoon. (laughs)
She did bake a cake which was really really good!

 The cake *_*
 Halloween fanta <3
 Werner, Carina, Quirin, Nici <3
 stupid looking Jen is stupid! xD
 Werners mask!
 This is cool! He used to wear the mask as hair!

 birthday kid and me!

 We went to Jim Block and Katty joined us!
 Katty and me had vegetarian champignon burger!

 while waiting..
 Nici is like: OMNOMNOM.

 Carina and me bought funny halloween candy XD

Later we played Wii and then watched Lilo and Stitch 2. My other headline was from a song of it! I'll show it to you!

You know what? Penicillin covered this song but Hakuei sounds really funny..(laughs) I prefer this!

The next part includes "day with David and Yasmin + goodies"

Cause my awesome friends got me something. Katty from Japan, Yasmin from Thailand? China? I dunno (laughs) Thank you so much!

Right now, I miss you all a lot again! Also Maikel and others.


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  2. lösch mal bitte die hässlichen Bilder >.<'
    wäre nett einfach mal zu fragen, bevor du welche hochlädst~

  3. Scheint lustig gewesen zu sein! ♥
    Das Auge ist ja mal voll..eh.. yummy? XD
    Wirst du dich zu Halloween verkleiden? :D

  4. Die Fanta ist ja cool! Wie schmeckt die denn? :)
    In Tokyo hat meine Schwester immer Fanta gekauft die es bei uns nicht gibt. XD

  5. Also ich muss ja sagen, ich mag eigentlich kein Cosplay (meistens), aber deiner Freundin ist Otogi ziemlich gut gelungen^^