October 27, 2011

Hamburg pt. 3


Just one more day of vacations and I have to work !! Don't want, because I just want to sleep. But money is money, isn't it?
Still waiting for my ebay things. Hope they'll arrive soon! Want to have my wig and the last thing for my give away! <3

Well, now something about my 2 last days in Hamburg.
I went with David to Wandsbek, to get some Bubble Tea and also to watch "Breathless" with Taylor Lautner. Many of you maybe know that I love him like..well, yeah. He's hot, handsome and a nice actor. I also liked him at "Twilight" as Jacob. Well, I love Jacobs person in the book too. And Taylor Lautner was the perfect actor.
 Random snapshots...

 I did this. Haha.

 Just look!!! Thats creepy. But the women gave them food..

 I liked the movie. Typical action, but...it was good.


 Later again, we went to Justea, because I promised my dear Yasmin to bring her Bubble tea. (smiles)
 on the way to her.
 I was like "I hope Yasmin got a dog. I miss my own. David, let her have a dog." and she had!!! There were three of them. One for "holidays". Oh my god. I loved them all. They were so lovely and cute!!!

 Cute Sophie is cute. She wanted to play while I was having breakfast. So cute.
 Yasmin and her doll. In a plastic bag. And hell, we talked till 4am about old animes like Dragon ball or Pokemon. And got to know something funny about Tenten (ex.Kurt... or chemical pictures.)

 Stupid blurry pic. But funny. xD

 I missed her so much!! <3

 She got me BB cream and lower lashes! Thank you darling <3

 I got myself Sushi for driving home. What a nice trainride.
 My darling was waiting for me!! Thank you. She got 9 years last week! <3

Something I got from Katty. Inside: Lashes+card+Yunho stickers! Thanks <3


  1. BB Creme ist klasse! ich liebe das Zeug. XD

  2. klingt alles total nch viiiiel spaß :D

    und süße hunde!

  3. aw danke für dein kommentar^^
    schöner post, ich war erst einmal in hamburg^^ war aber sehr schön da, bloß sehr windig XD
    das lustige an meiner düsseldorf-euphorie ist nur, dass düsseldorf zwar ne große stadt is und sehr bedeutend für nordrheinwestfalen und so XD aber an sich ist es gar nicht so groß wie hamburg oder köln, was ja richtige millionenstädte sind^^ düsseldorf hat die millionengrenze noch nicht geknackt XD ich werd oft verspottet weil ich so dörfisch bin XD

  4. I've never been in Hamburg. mmm, actually, I've only been in Warnemunde with a cruise... sfgadfgasdg, aww, I want to visit some more of Germany! TTwTT ~~ ♥

  5. Aaaawh BB Cream! Hab ich auch zu Hause! Genial! x3

    Toller Post! Ich war noch nie in Hamburg!! (--> aus der Schweiz)... xD muss echt mal raus hier und Deutschland erkunden! hihi!

  6. hh~ schöne Fotos! Bubble Tea scheint ja wirklich wie Pilze aus der Erde zu priesen XD
    Die Hunde sind ja allso super süss *O*