October 24, 2011

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride or BACK! (pt.1)

Hello lovelies!

Today I came back from Hamburg, even though I don't wanted to. I love Hamburg. For me, its the most beautiful town in Germany. My heart is always there (well, by my friends also!)
I had so much fun this weekend. On Friday I arrived at Carinas home and she got her Present...and SHE was happy!

 READY!!! <3

 Carina while unpacking her present.
 Maki, her cat, helped too (laughs) he's so cute!
She liked it! There was also a Nyanpire strap and a cat strap ^_^

Well in the evening we decided to colour my hair silver. Well, I think it won't last long, but I like it :D
And she dressed herself up as Otogi from awoi, because we wanted to celebrate her birthday "halloween" like. But there will follow another part. Also about cinema and my day at Yasmin!! <3

But now to my silver hair, haha!

 yamyam! XD

 Outfit - grey black hahahaa.

Even though, I dislike cosplay (more or less. I love Harry Potter, if its good.), Carina was looking really great! <3 I loved this! 

Tomorrow I'll work again, but I hope I can post the next part. The birthday party and the rest *_*


  1. silber steht dir wirklich sehr gut ^^!
    Dachte auch mal daran sie mir silber zu färben :D scheint zur zeit voll der renner zu sein...aber ich lass es XD stünde mir leider nicht

  2. Die Kontaktlinsen stehen dir so gut! Ein wirklich sehr schöner Effekt!

  3. Die Linsen in Kombi mit den Haaren sind wirklich die Liebe <3

  4. Die neue Haarfarbe sieht schön an dir aus! :3

  5. OoooOoo I like your haircolor! : D Sieht HAMMER cool aus!

  6. du siehst wieder mal total gut aus :)

  7. soo ne süße :) silber steht dir voll und die lenses sind sau chick *__*

  8. Ich find auch, dass dir silber super steht. <3