October 30, 2011

This is Halloween...

Hello dears,

have you noticed my wonderful new layout? Mimi is a genius if it comes to things like that. I thank you pretty! You should all visit her awesome blog!

But before I forget, tomorrow is halloween (and as always I can not celebrate it. But next year I don't give... fuck and celebrate it.)
I have to work tomorrow, so I was in the mood to "style" halloween-ish. Well...yeah. I haven't got any costume so I decided for my pikachu but "zombie" or "horror" like. (laughs)
Also I watched "Case 39" yesterday with my Cousin and Steven and Chris. Lots of fun!
Creepy movie as well...

Not that creepy at all but I'm not a pro like my little brother Maikel! He got talent in making halloween make up! Just take a look! Its gorgeous!


So thats it.

See you and enjoy your holiday!


  1. wie süß du bist, danke danke! <3

    aber ich mag deins auch voll, killer pikachu! >D

  2. Dont deal with mad zombie pikachu!! :D :D
    Ich finde du siehst gruselig aus!^^

    Und das Layout gefällt mir sehr gut! Die Farben passen irgendwie sehr gut zu dir. :3

  3. Okay jez kann ich definitiv nich mehr schlafen... @_@

    I.wie hab ich Halloween dieses Jahr verpeilt T_T

  4. Was eine süüße Idee :D steht dir ;) ♥

  5. Süsses Outfit! ♥ Fall 39 ist ein echt krasser Film! Hab den auch letztes (oder dieses?!) Jahr gesehen und fands schon arg!
    Ich feier nächstes Wochenende verspätet Halloween, weil ich dieses WE nicht zu Hause bin :D

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Lol! Nice outfit, a pikachu! ^ ^

  7. OMG! your costume is soo scary!! D:! I'm going to have nightmares with zombie pikachu XDD hahhaa <3 <3 you are very talented at doing make up *0* <3

  8. Zombie or not, Pikachu is still so cute!!! ^______^ / ♥