November 20, 2011

L♥ve Damage Meeting #4 + dream gets + birthday + picturespam!

Hello my dears, today will be a long entry about a lot of things!
First, I'm DEAD tired. I stayed awake like 48 hours and slept till 12pm today. Haha (laughs)
Friday to saturday I was at a birthday party of a good friend and before that Tinka made my hair with micro ring extensions (smiles) finally~! Will take better pictures soon! Promise!
But wednesday I met up with my dear Nisi, which lives alone with her boyfriend and her DEADLY cute cat now!

 We made Sushi!!! <3

 Thats Susi! She's too cute!
We also watched SAW 7 ! I love Nisi <3
We both! <333

I also had an important appointment :D

 That was it. Together with the patronus of snape. A doe. This means ALOT to me! Sarah-Marie and I will be forever connected with it. And the meaning of the tattoo is also...pretty. The man who made it was really impresseed just like: "All made la familia or something like that. That is awesome. Never saw one before."
Yeah.. .it means "may the wounds be healed." Has so many meanings for me! 

Some of my other dream gets. Harry Potter DVD collection Box and Jeffrey Campbell replica lita. I want the real ones SO bad!

 my outfit for our meet up! Try out!

 they all said: "Jenny will put it on her blog." so she does :D
 Tinka wore my cute belt. Awesome outfit *-*
And the birthday kid while reading :D
me and Tinka <3

I don't post more pictures of the birthday, because I dunno if I am allowed to :D

 I DUNNO how I managed not to look DEAD tired. xD

 omnomnomnom little brother tastes fine!

 Pias awesome nails *_*

We look like sisters, don't we? I love her so much :* <3

part of pias outfit and yasmins outfit! <3

 For insiders!

 And Anna, our new member was there too! she's so nice and cute! Sadly, Julia, Mü, Cris and Bella were missing!

 Pia and me! So cute picture! *_*

At double coffee in the toilet. HAHA. I'm a TRUE addict.. (laughs)

 One new outfit too! With ....deathly hallows shirt. (laughs)

And because Yasmin told me the cutest ever yesterday without knowing I wanna do it: "With the wig and the lenses you could cosplay Lily evans" GIRL, I love you!!! ;___; You made me happy like hell!

So that was the picture spam! xD Byebye!


  1. You looks cute! I love your new tattoo too! It's a beautiful thing >3< and your cat is so cute!~

  2. OMG!! ;___; ich freu mich so... in einer Woche habe ich es auch und dann kann uns nichts mehr trennen.
    Und du bist so hübsch! Ich will dich fressen! Und Fotos von dir machen endlich mal ;____; <3 Hach, hab dich sooooooo lieb! <33

  3. Can I have your kitty please? ^_^

  4. Voll süss. Die Perücke steht dir wirklich ♥ Das Tattoo ist auch sehr hübsch. Aber die Stelle wär mir persönlich ja nix xD
    Die Katze sieht scharf aus, besonders auf Bild 2, das ist der Deathglare-Blick :D Wie hat die SAW 7 gefallen?

    Liebe Grüße

  5. will ich auch die jeffrey campbell replica!!! unbedingt!!

  6. *O* omo! Love ur tattoos! fallen in love with it by the first sign! *O*
    <3 <3 <3 and I like the wig! Such a catchy haircolor!

  7. Woah! how much sushi! *¬*

    You really look nice with red hair! ♥
    That birthday party during 2 days sounds so good! haha
    I love tattoos, but I think they're better if you have a reason for do them. I'm getting tattoo a latin phrase soon, I hope! ^___^

  8. Die rote Perücke sieht echt uper süß an dir aus.❤

  9. Party hard! :P
    Und das Tattoo ist krass! o_o Aber hübsch. ;)

  10. that is a big sushi. wow! that is fun!