November 4, 2011

some Gets and my cat

Hello lovelies,

finally !!! WEEKEND!
I have nothing to do, well, tomorrow I will help Nisi and Chris with their flat and so on but nothing more~
Today finally something arrived I waited so long for. But I will show it to you in the next post.
I just want to show you some of my recent gets. Its sale... (laughs)

Next post will about the special something and some outfits!
Thanks for reading and don't forget my Give Away!

But first - my cat. Molly. Earlier she was a cat, which doesn't wanted to be touch, but nowadays she always sleeps in my bed and want to cuddle. She's 12 years now and so lovely. Isn't she such a cute cat?

damdamdam! Now the pink one is in my right ear, the left one is still 3mm. But not long and I have reached six. The zebra plugs are for 6mm. They're from eBay.

 Long time ago, Jessi, Nisi and me bought them. We're Slytherin addicted and also...Slytherin in pottermore. :D

 sale. Zebra pullover!
 wide beige pullover, sale.
 green lenses - review or not?

 I told you, I'm a freak? Kleiderkreisel and eBay. The blouse is in my carpet~ xD

 Working at subway doesn't makes your hand soft, but this is a good thing to make them soft. And it smells awesome...

 HAHAHA ebay! 6 euro or something like that. Maybe more. Review?

again. Freak. Deathly hallows.


  1. die handcreme hab ich auch und die riecht so geil sogar nach dem hände waschen - chemie hallo :)

  2. deine katze ist so todes süß! ;3;
    und die harry potter kette ist auch sehr nice! <3

  3. ich liebe Kleiderkreisel~~

    tolle sachen haste da wieder erwischt und die Kitty ist wirklich voll sweet~

  4. Deine katze ist sooo niedlich! <3
    Und ich finde die Circle leneses sehen echt gut aus! Ich würde gerne sehen, wie sie getragen aussehen =)

  5. your cat is sooo cute! *___*

    and i wanna see reviews!! :3

  6. die halskette ;_______________; ♥♥♥♥

  7. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW ON THE LENSES! *_* the pattern looks awesome from what I can see here!
    And duuuuuuude.. my cat died two years ago : ( I miss him.

  8. Nice gets! Your cat is so cute ^ ^ I love cats!

  9. Review Review Review ;P

    und deine Katze *___* uhh ich überlege mir derzeit auch eine zuzulegen :D

  10. Awww~ Katze *-* Find ich echt toll, dass du es geschafft hast, dass sie sich an dich gewöhnt! So ne schlafende Katze im Bett ist schon was Tolles :D

  11. Waaaaaaaaaa, will die Kette auch haben *_*

    Deine Katzee ist ja niedlich miaaaaau : x

  12. Den Zebrapullover finde ich toll :D
    woher hast du den?

  13. I love ear stretchers 0_o lmao mine is fake ><

  14. Ich hätte auch gern wieder eine Katze, die mit mir im Bett liegt. ;0; Das ist unbezahlbar! ♥

  15. Ich liebe die neuen Handcremes von essence! Sie duften einfach herrlich. XD

  16. you have a cute cat and a bunch of cute stuff! :))

  17. the cat is so cute :) thanks for ur nice comments. yeah they are so unmature .__. its really sad how cruel people can act.>.< i love ur zebra pullover. i will follow ur blog :)


  18. Awwe~ your cat is so cute! ^3^ I love cats that like to cuddle~~

    And you certainly got many nice things~~ I would love to see what the green lenses look like on you!

  19. lol omg! it's the same lashes I got. just a different type of them but I think we bought it off the same seller lolol super cool!

    cute cat~