December 13, 2011

DM Haul

Hello my dears,

it's getting dark early and winter is coming...well, it should be like this, shouldn't it? But theres no snow at all and thats sad. But maybe if we wait a little more, we have snow over here. Do you like snow?

But I nearly got all christmas presents...just the one for my father and grandma are missing. Do you have any idea? (laughs) Soon I'll be in Hamburg again. I can't wait for it.. hope time will go by fast. School is really stressful and lots of exams. I want holidays~~!

Last week I went to DM. Its such a nice shop... I can't resist buying a lot of stuff there, so I just went there a few times in a year.

If you want some swatches or anything else, just tell me!

The other day I made vegetable lasagne with Tinka! It was awesome but I was sick that day... I couldn't eat a lot :( But the day after I was able to ate a piece. We did a good job!
And you can see Molly again. Shes enjoying herself on my bed. She LOVED lying on my bad and makes herself as fat as my dog. But I love her anyway.

Take a look here!!


  1. Die Katze guggt so geil xD
    Die Lasagne sieht lecker aus ♥ Für meinen papa hab ich auch noch kein Geschenk, ich muss die Woche noch ein paar Geschenke kaufen, hm.... xD
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Woahhh the blush is gorgeous : D

  3. Das Rouge hat ne super schöne Farbe. ;)
    Deine Mietz erinnert mich an einen gewissen Stubentiger der immer auf meinem Bett liegt. :D
    Habe auch eine schwarze Katze die es sich sehr gerne auf meinen weißen Bettbezügen bequem macht. XD


  4. Huhu! Ich habe meinen Omis dieses Jahr Seife bei Dawanda bestellt! :)
    Da gibts auch ne Menge andere tolle Ideen ^^

  5. Das Alverde Rouge ist mein Lieblings Apfelbäckchen Blush für den Winter <33

    Totoro Kuscheltier *O*
    Ich sterbe, ist das süß >w<

    Wie ist das Stay with me Lipgloss von der Haltbarkeit? Habe mich noch nicht getraut einen zu kaufen :s