January 25, 2012

Excited + new car seats + experiment

Hello, hello!

Long time no see! I am very sorry, but I had nothing to tell. Just school and working, well... okay, I was out friday with my dear Rabea and it was so much fun! And this monday I met up with Nisi again and Uli and we ate Pizza! So good!

But right now, I'm like the happiest person of the world, because finally Maikel is coming to my home again on Sunday!!! I look forward so much! *_* we will have LOTS of fun, I swear!

Friday we will get our marks and all~ kinda nervous, but I think I will have a good certification :)

 As I recently searched for something to wear in my chaos room, my cat lay inside my closet. so cute!

 goal 1: reached. 

 I was craving for pasta with pesto and pine nuts so much I did it last week. Tasted awesome, though.

 Time went by fast...this was done few weeks / days ago. Means a lot. Is a fight club quote.  Got it for a really inexpensive price.. thanks Nancy. The feathers also have a meaning. Just don't want to talk about the quote too much here, my best friends know it, I think. <3

 THIS was the pizza I was talking about. With spinache and feta. Gosh, and so much rucola. It was awesome.

 We also made sport before :D was nice as well. Uli btw again.

 Months ago I watched this together via internet with my ex boyfriend and I loved it. I love Johnny Cash !

 Special offer *_* omg, I love them so much, even though my car is little and old, I want to feel good in it. Now as I changed the seats (all by myself yeah!) I feel better :)

Maikel did this great job, I bought pillarbox red and poppy red to dye my hair into another colour~ I'm young, I want to try a lot, before I start working and so on.

Well, do you have any wishes ? What should I talk about?


  1. oooh du cutie!!! :'c
    Ich freu mich auch so unendlich auf sonntag! <3
    wird mega gut ♥

    tattoo ist auch sehr schön ; u ;
    und ich bin immer noch neidisch darauf dass du überhaupt welche hast >D

    und omg die pizza! XD
    only one word: GREEEEEEN! haha
    sieht heiß aus!

    die bezüge sind btw auch sehr süß! :)

  2. Wow, you'd look awesome with red hair! :D

  3. doch kein lavender?

    die Nudeln mit Pesto sehen lecker aus *-*

  4. Ohh *-* Bin nur etwas verwirrt, welche Haarfarbe hast du grad xD? Rot willst du doch machen oder?

  5. walk the line ist so ein toller film und ich finde dir stehen glaub ich echt alle farben :) was machst du jetzt? ich überlege mir grad rosa strähnen zu machen wie die eine aus der aktuellen happy nuts ^^ und du ich hatte auch bei meiner arbeit alle möglichen farben :) das geht auch noch später ^^

  6. Woah lavender would look so good on you : D and dude... I love the tattoo!

  7. Schönes Tattoo und die roten Haare stehen dir gut :)

  8. ist der Satz deines Tatoos nicht aus Lord of War?