January 31, 2012

Meet Up with good friends

Hello folks!

How are you all? It is really cold outside right now and I caught a bad cold. Suddenly there is winter and I don't know why (laughs)
But I have some good news, weekend was really great! First Jade visited me together with Schröder, Tinka and Klatti. We had lots of fun. Thank you! On sunday we had our christmas party, well, little bit late, but it was fun to go out with my co workers. We went to a chinese restaurant with all you can eat. I was so full afterwards. Later I picked up my beloved Maikel!

First: I made taco salad. It was sooo tasty!

I dyed my hair red. Well, pink/red. Its not that red but both colours.

While watching TV with Jade, my dog slept~ I love her~~ <3

my outfit for the dinner with my co-workers.

Jade and me xD we're both idiots, aren't we?

This is Marn, I like her a lot :)

 This is Ve and me :)

The next day we planned to go to Bremen to meet up with Yomi, Vanessa and Yuu! It was lots of fun! We went eating, drinking coffee and also to LUSH.
I enjoyed seeing them again and it was a really good day.
 Maikel and me before leaving my home~

 We went a little way on my car - here, Maikel with my car (laughs)

 We also had Bubble Tea with Astrid in Hannover. Loved to see her again~!

 This is the pretty Yomi :D

 What we ate. Well, me. Was really really good.

 Yuu, Maikel and me.

The whole group.

Thanks for that awesome day !


  1. schöne bilder^^ hab jetzt hunger XD

  2. Haha du und Mikael seid solche dorks xD ♥

  3. man sieht dass ihr viel spaß hattet :3

  4. Huhuuu...

    Meine Sis und ich waren heute auch Bubble Tea trinken.
    Für sie war es der erste. :D

  5. Deine Haarfarbe ist soooo toll ♥ Sehr schön!!! Und ich mag dein Make Up! Der Bubble Tea sieht lecker aus :3
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Ein langes Wochenende.... die totale Aktion :D
    Gefällt mir.

    Vllt sehen wir uns morgen noch bevor zu Gisbert zu Knyphausen fahren. Wollen noch schnell was speisen

    wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap wrap ♥

    und warum ist es eigentlich so kalt?
    ab in die volksbank :))

  7. Deine Haarfarbe bringt mich immer zu einem großen WAAAHHH *__*
    Love it
    aber jez hab ich hunger xD

  8. Yo, Directions-Freund :) ich hab dich getaggt!!11 -> http://ragrunzel.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions-tag.html !

  9. geile farbe jeni - ich finds total hammer!!!! und ich würd dich und maikel auch gern mal wiede sehen *möp*