January 15, 2012

Tagged a lot and new gets (saaaaaaaaale!)

Hello my dears,

I just have an awesome weekend behind me! It was like: friday sleeping all night and day and saturday I was really fit and visited my good friend in his new flat and decided that I want to party with them. How we ended up? Partiying with a lot of good friends! I was so happy and it was sooo much fun!
But now I want to answer the questions of the meme I got tagged. I won't tag anyone, feel free to do it. :) I love all my readers, so...


11 facts about me:

1. I'm vegetarian.
2. I love tattoos and piercings.
3. Music means everything to me.
4. I've got a dog and a cat.
5. At the moment my perfume is: Black XS for her.
6. I love driving car.
7. I want to study this year.
8. I am addicted to online shopping.
9. I work at subway next to school.
10. At the moment I watch 'Date Movie'
11. I want to close my mind sometimes.

11 questions I have to answer (more people tagged me, so I don't answer everything, ok? )

1. What country would you like to visit the most?
Japan, England, or Asia in general.
2. Name 3 things you're obsessed with
Tattoos, Piercings, Music
3. Do you fall in love easily?
 No, I don't. 
4. Do you read? When yes, which books or magazines are your favourite ones?
I love reading. I love thrillers, drama or action. At the moment I read fight club.
5. Do you collect any things? When yes, what do you collect?
 DVD's, perfumes, shoes.. xD

6. What do you do in your freetime?
Working and meeting up with friends.

7. Who do you admire most?
 I don't know. I love the band girugamesh. I like Johnny Depp a lot and also I think Kafka was a great man.

8. To which song are you listening currently?
 girugamesh - shining

9. Can you imagine living in a foreign country someday?
Yes! Of course. Working somewhere else sounds like an adventure~~!
10.  Does a horror movie scare you?
Not a bit, love horror movies!

11. When you have once in your lifetime the chance to see your favourite star, what would you do?
 I just would thank them/him a lot.
I am not wake enough to post questions, I'm sorry!! Also I have to learn maths (sighs)

Also my brother gave me a gift card for christmas and I went sale shopping a little! I was succesful as you will see in the following pictures!

 A bag for school. 10€
 Room/Sleepwear. It's big and cute and.. I love it! Just 6€

long wanted blouse. 8€
 simple shirt. 5€
 accessoires and working shoes~!

 skirt, 2,95€
 lace top, just 7€
cardigan in brown, 10€

jogging trousers, 7€

 As I mentioned before, I went to a good friends flat and I loved this awesome poster.

 Preparing shisha~~!

 Me and Uli in the Elevator :)

 We decided really spontanously to make party. Good thing I have bought my clothes that day, so I had something to dress up at Nisis. She was still in working clothes but looks really cute!

 Here you can see the lace.

And just to show you: I'm still pink, but thought about dying my hair lavendar soon, as I have some directions left.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love your hair color the way it is at the moment :)


  2. Hemd und Cardigan <3

    freut mich, dass du dein Wochenende so genossen hast!

  3. oh man, ich pinkel mir bei horrorfilmen immer fast in die hose ^^
    das letzte bild von dir ist richtig cool! du siehst echt klasse aus :)

  4. Das letze foto mit edn rosa haaren ist total toll <3

  5. Johnny Depp!!!! <3<3<3 XD
    Deine pinken Haare sind so toll und sie stehen dir auch sehr gut! Du kannst sie tragen =3

  6. huhu :D ich hab dich getaggt in meinem blog^^

  7. viele hübsche neue sachen ♥

    und das letzte bild; haare=liebe!!

  8. Ich mag die rote Bluse und das schwarze Shirt mit der Spitze am liebsten. *_* ♥ Und das Bild von deinem Kumpel ist wirklich schön.

  9. nice haul (: very interesting!


  10. erstmal danke für deinen süßen kommentar zu meinem letzten post!
    ich muss sagen du bist selber doch soo hüüübsch (><)
    ich finde deien haarfarbe steht dir so super!
    ich will auch mal so eine farbe haben aber meine haare sind echt kaputt und ich sollte erstmal gar nicht färben (T T)

    mein favorite von deinen neuen sachen ist das "lace top"!!
    sieht sehr toll aus! ich will auch so eins :D

    wenn du magst/zeit hast kannst du dir ja auch meinen neuen post ansehen :-) würde mich sehr freuen !! <3