April 25, 2012


Hello everyone!

Just came back from my beloved Caro and saw her cute girl Emily. Oh well, and I got a belated birthday present which I'll show you in the next post (with all other awesome presents ;_; thank you all!)
I also celebrate my 2 month annivesary with my boyfriend - isn't that much until now, but I'm happy. We're so different but also same (laughs) I dunno~ but I'm happy all my friends like him ^-^

Well, I want to tell you about my awesome birthday! I turned 21 on sunday and celebrated into it on saturday! Lots of friends came to my house and we had delicious things to eat and lots of fun. Like playing singstar, dressing in special clothes and so on !
I'll show you some pictures now!

first I had my red wig on but later decided to wear normal hair :D

 Sarah-Marie and me! She did a clockwork orange costume!

Nici, Carina and me! Nyanpire, Pikachu and Angel :)

 the light was wonderful on that day!

Marie and me! Also clockwork orange.. both were awesome!

 Tinka and me ^-^

food! *_*

Sarah dressed up as stitch for me <3

 jessi was an elve. pretty.
 we also went outside in the wood~~ creeped me out to death as Timo scared us haha
Schröder with Nisi and Fabio in the background!

 Tinka and fabio - she did an Alice inspired outfit!

that was so FUNNY.

Thanks a lot dears.

"'Ohana" means "family." "Family" means "no one gets left behind or forgotten."


  1. happy birthday nachträglich^^
    Was für eine tolle Party :3 sieht gemütlich aus, und ihr seht wiedermal alle total süß aus^^

  2. WOOOT kigurumi partyyyy! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY : D You look lovely!

  3. War übel nice :)))
    Food ----> brilliant!!!

  4. Es war so schön ;___;
    Die Leute alle toll, ganz viel Lachen und das Essen mega lecker <33

  5. Alles Liebe nachträglich!! :3
    Ich liebe diese Anzüge. XD Ich will auch einen. T__T

  6. Wow! Happy belated birthday~ : D Everyone looked like they had fun!

  7. Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag. Ihr hattet sichtlich eine Menge Spaß :)
    Liebe Grüße

  8. Huhuu...
    schöne Bilder.
    Die rote Perücke gefällt mir an dir richtig gut. ;)
    Auch von mir noch alles Gute nachträglich. :)


  9. Kigurumi Party!! yeah!
    It's a really fun way to having party!! :DDD

  10. alles gute nachtträglich
    die kigurumi bilder sind die besten XD so cute <3
    sieht sehr nach spaß aus :3