April 10, 2012

Vortex + cherry blossoms

Hello my dears,

two days left before school starts again... at the moment I'm sitting at home, doing something for school instead of having fun with friends. Easter was great! I hope yours as well! My friends and me went to Bückeburg to see the Badnenndorf Boys and hell - it was GREAT!
But I forget to talk about the Vortex concert.

Vortex is an Oi!-Band and the guitar is played by the owner of the "Mad". Our pub, where we always go. It was really crowded but good.

 no extes, overlighted and still white blond! But tomorrow or thursday you will see my other haircolour ^_^ 

 I think everyone posted some before but I still love them. In may I will get my tattoo on the back done. Its nearly finished, just the cherry blossoms are missing. I've got two more butterflies in january. 

 I've got the luck that my maracuja-juice was not really closed. All was wet and we tried to get it somehow... dry. I do not own the beer on the right, haha :D

 While drying we saw this cute ducks *-*

 5 minutes of pogo - Flulus nose was bleeding. Poor girl, but was somehow funny.

 Vortex playing. On the left is Thomas ^_^ I've got a plec!

Just one of all the blue spots I had.... 

Well, this was it. How was your eastern? And as mentioned before... pictures of hair will follow!


  1. haha KOnzerte wo man pogen kann sind super :D
    Aber ich bin kein Pogomensch..werd sofort zerdrückt XDD sah aber nach ner Menge Spaß aus (*_*)

  2. Bin gespannt wie deine Haare aussehn ♥
    So kleine Konzerte sind manchmal super...war lange nicht mehr auf einem (T^T)

  3. War ein übel geiles Konzert!

  4. Wow~ XD das Konzert muss ja richtig Spaß gemacht haben, wenn man die "Souveniere" sieht! War ja schon ewig lang auf kein Konzert mehr.^^;
    Die Kirschblüten sind schön *O*

  5. jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kirschblüten alarm :)

  6. Oh die Kirschblüten sehn toll aus, ich kann gar nicht genug von ihnen sehen! ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  7. i cant wait to see the hair porn post!! and gosh i hope you heal fast!