May 8, 2012

Foodporn and 1st May


I'm into writing exams this week T_T I do not want. German one is finished... was about the book 'Homo-Faber' and kind of okay, I think.
Friday is English and the next week maths... I'm so scared.

But now I wanna tell you what I cooked the last weeks and what we did on the 1st may!

on the way it was still cloudy and cold...also rainy before..

 still dark and no sun at all..

 they drove with the car, Oli and Sozo

Stitch bag~ ^__^

 weather got better! Timo got a sunburn!

 it was so pretty there, really. I loved it a lot.

 random outfit shot.

boyfriends back. its a rabitt... more or less..

 Rabea got a flower from her boyfriend. Too cute ^_^

 as I wanted to tidy up I got a wound :( still there... well. Hope it will heal soon..

 The other day we ate outside. Wine, mushrooms, bread and corn. Was SO good!

And the day as we bought Silent Hill 2 I decided to make sushi and gyoza for us. He liked it a lot and I was really happy.

Later I have to work.. but I'm tiiired~~!


  1. so yummy ♥
    I'm so yearning for Gyoza the last days!! ><''
    well, I'm sick, so I just eat zwieback -_-''

  2. Hihi, das Wasser sieht ja mal total klar aus, beneidenswert! Ich wünschte hier in der Nähe gäbe es auch mal 'ne Art Badesee oder x-fach besser als ein Schwimmbad ><
    Lecker da bekomm ich gleich wieder Heißhunger drauf! ^^

  3. gyoooooooooza<3 wie spaßig^^ du machst echt immer die coolsten partys^^

  4. the sushis and dumplings look so good! cute photos :)

  5. Oh lecker das Sushi und die Gyouza *,,,* Yummy!!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Poor baby! -pets wound- looks pretty bad tho! What did you dooooo? D:
    and food porn omg! The weather here was fucking amazing on the 1st! My allergies went nuts -__-" but it was lovely! : D

  7. Soso wird so geschrieben ;)

    War megaaaaaa der Tag ^^
    Wobei ich aber dachte, es wird übel scheiße, weil es ja wie in Strömen geregnet hatte, als wir los wollten, bzw. als ihr grad zur Promme gelatscht seid und ich mit Pierre seine Sachen abholen gefahren bin.