May 3, 2012

Gets and belated presents


Just a short entry to know that I'm alive (laughs)
Next will my exams will begin and I really have to study...well, yeah.
But I enjoyed the last days so much! Entries will follow. Now to my gets!

 got this lighter from Teru *-*

 bought them online. FINALLY I have some black wedges.

 my boyfriend bought it. Damn, can't stop watching him play because its sooo good. But I'm always scared.
 dress from H&M.
blouse from H&M

 beige blazer from H&M
 this cute fleece stitch and angel blanket

 present from Flulu, Timo and so on! Thank you - can't wait to read the book and the inside of the box was kinda funny. Wasn't even able to open it, so Basti did.

 As I went to Caro lately I kinda meant as joke I want a stitch pinjata for my birthday. HELL. DO YOU BELIEVE IT? I got ONE! *_*

inside was nail polish, face masks, candy and so on.

Thank you *_*

Tomorrow I'll enjoy hopefully the sun again. Got a little tan.


  1. Die Decke ist übel süß

  2. Wow! This is pretty amazing! Hehe I miss those pinjatas!

  3. die sachen die du dir geholt hast sind süß :) die wedges <3
    und den beigen blazer musst du unbedingt mal vorführen *_* ich möcht auch einen so gerne XD
    lg kaddy

  4. omg the Stitch piñata! T_T