May 20, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

Hey my dear readers,

my exams are finally over and on thursday my boyfriend told me that he wants to surprise me. A trip to Hamburg was his idea. What could be better?

I collected so many positive memories there. I mean, D'espairs Ray concerts, girugamesh concert, having really good friends in the town... it is just awesome and it was one of the best ideas he could have. It is always so had for me to leave Hamburg and also knowing that it needs some time to go there again. Unfortunately I haven't seen Sarah-Marie, David or Katty... but well. I saw my beloved Nici, Carina and Marie and we had lots of fun!

But first I want to tell you something about thursday! We decided to go to cinema with Nisi and her boyfriend and later we visited Jessi, because her mother had birthday the day before. It was a nice evening!

This post will be picture heavy!

 ah Nisi made "Tarte au chocolat".. it was good ^_^/)

 Susi...always addicted to boys.

 Nisis Outfit!

 cinema-outfit. Bad pic.

Nisiii! :)

 While being at Jessis.

I dunno what happend :D

 on the way and dirrrrrrrrrrty window
 Maki - Carinas cute cat!!

On our way to the "Elbe" <3

 it was such a hot day and so pretty!

we also ate ice cream. This was Bastis! I chose mango! *_*

 The next day after buying movies (Alice in Wonderland, Devils Reject+House of 1000 corpses at Saturn. It was so cheap ;O;)

 Later we sat on the Alster to eat~~

Sushi from Sakura!

 Carina used her umbrella as sun-blocker!
 Java chip chocolate <3

Nicis huge TV!

 toilet pic :D

 my haul at yuanje! <3

this was as we visited Marie. We were lazy and just played Silent Hill 3 <3

Thank you dears for cheering me up ^_^


  1. Freut mich dass du so eine tolle Zeit in Hamburg hattest! Das ist ja wirklich eine nette Überraschung von deinem Schatz gewesen :)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Ich stimme Happy Berry zu, die Idee von deinem Freund war echt süß, da hat er sich wahrscheinlich richtig Gedanken gemacht, wie er dir eine Freude machen kann! ^-^
    Und es freut mich auch dass du so eine tolle Zeit hattest. Ist schon seltsam wie schnell man sich in eine Stadt verlieben kann in der man garnicht lebt! >-<


  3. aaawww eis und sonne und sushi und gutes wetter und freunde - was gibt es schöneres^^ will sowas auch mal wieder machen *-*

  4. Crü und ich sehen ja mal auf beiden Bildern scheiße aus D:...
    aber es war toooolllll!

  5. Woah wie farbenfroh Nisi jetzt mit den Strähnchen aussieht :o

  6. na das ist doch echt mal ne coole überraschung :)
    HH ist eh ne coole stadt. ^^

  7. Lol @ das Bild mit dem Fuß xD

  8. Aw, dann war das Geschenk ja wirklich goldrichtig :D