May 31, 2012

TOP 15 movies

rainy weather today, isn't it? Well, as Shou did a movie post some time ago, I thought it is kind of interesting! I always love to read how do you like movies or which kind of genres you prefere!

They have no order at all, I like them all a lot.

I should start with Donnie Darko, as I listen to one of the soundtrack all the time today. It is called "Mad World"..
Well, first what wikipedia says about the movie:
Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Richard Kelly.The film depicts the reality-bending adventures of the title character as he seeks the meaning and significance behind his troubling Doomsday-related visions.

In my opinion you have to watch this movie really often to ...understand just a little. You can interprate it in every way.  Its kind of fascinating.

Some quote I really admire:
Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit? 

 Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter in one movie - perfect. Earlier I thought this movie is just about guys fighting themselves - but its not. But I don't want to tell you that much! I love it so much that I have one quote tattooed. 
"Its only after we've lost everything we're free to do anything."

 Nearly everyone saw that movie, am I right? I don't like Leonardo di Caprio that much but this movie was a masterpiece. 

"What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere." Cobb

 Something really different, really trashy and horror :D but I LOVE Rob Zombie and I love the character of Otis in this movie.
Don't watch if you don't like splatter, but if you do - its great!

Not that movie in general, but all. I love them all - they are my childhood, aren't they? I grew up with Harry Potter and it helped me a lot. 

Ever watched the movie or read the book? I did because Kyo of Dir en grey sang about it in Marmalade Chainsaw and because of the song from "Tote Hosen - Alex". Its shocking but REALLY good. Its something new. Something sick. Just got it today - finally.

 Butterfly effect is like house of 1000 corpses a movie I first watched with Astrid, my best friend some time ago. In the movie are so much topics which are interesting and its still...really sad somehow.
I told my boyfriend to watch it and I felt aslept because it was in TV (I hate advertising while movies...) but he also said it was really great!
"You can't change who people are without destroying who they were."

If you know me, you know I like Johnny Cash. He was a nice singer and guitarist. And this movie is really touching. Also I love Reese Witherspoon and I connect this movie with Kai. Its a good memory and this movie also is. 

This is always hard to watch if its really late at night... but I like it a lot. Anonymous (laughs) 
V for Vendetta is a 2006 dystopian thriller film directed by James McTeigue. It is an adaptation of the V for Vendetta comic book by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Set in London in a near-future dystopian society, Natalie Portman stars as Evey, a working-class girl who must determine if her hero has become the very menace he is fighting against. Hugo Weaving plays V—a bold, charismatic freedom fighter driven to exact revenge on those who disfigured him. Stephen Rea portrays the detective leading a desperate quest to capture V before he ignites a revolution.

 Secret window... not just this movie, but nearly all of him. I like a lot of his roles, also in Sweeney Todd or Sleepy Hollow. He really is a good actor (for me) and this movie is a good thriller and I haven't thought it would end like... its ending :D

Alice in Wonderland - I loved the book, loved the cartoon and also loved this one. It is not everyones taste but I love Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Alice in Wonderland.

If the game or the movie - Silent Hill has such a great and gorgeous (creepy?) story and I liked how the movie turned out. I am sad that they won't make the second game as movie, but the third (Basti finished it yesterdays ;_; need the 4th!)
The movie has the typical Silent Hill atmosphere and the pyramide head looks so real.. as well as all the monsters. And I love Alessa! So great!

You knew it, don't you? (laughs) 
Disney is always great... not just Lilo and Stitch, but Pocahontas, Mulan, Aristocats or Lion King. I would post all of them here, but I'm too lazy. Lion King is also one of my favorite one.

Ghibli is similiar to Disney for me. I saw this movie as child and nearly cried my heart out. The story was really touching and it broke my heart too see the whole movie. But I also love other Ghibli movies and I wish I'd have them all (laughs) I need to be rich...

Lately watched with Hibi and realized how much I like it. Anna Tsuchiya and great colours and Japan. Perfect. Thank you Sarah-Marie for showing it to me. <3

Sorry for my bad english (sighs)
Now I'm tiiired~~



  1. the butterfly effect! <3
    weiß noch als wir den zusammen geguckt haben haha

    so viele tolle filme! <3
    und sakuran, jaaa anna tsuchiya ftw!

  2. Haha omg! I have only watched maybe 4 of all these suggestions! T_T I don't watch a lot of movies.. and dude, I love the HP movies and Depp in all his strange roles : D

  3. Die ersten FIlme kenn ich mal so gar nicht :D Aber ab Harry Potter kenn ich sie dann doch zu 80% ^^

  4. Oh das war sehr interessant x3 Ich hab natürlich Donnie Darko vergessen, der is echt toll :( HAha von Fight Club denke ich wirklich das: geht nur um rumprügeln XD Vll werd ichs irgendwann verstehen.. Nen Johnny-Film hätte ich gern noch hinzugefügt aber ich konnte mich nicht entscheiden ;0;
    Oh ich wusste nicht, dass Kyo über CO singt..muss ich mir mal durchlesen den text^^

  5. Ich würd mal behaupten, die Hälfte der Filme kenne ich auch. :) Schöne Auswahl!

  6. filmtechnisch sind wir uns sehr ähnlich :)

  7. sehr coole und süsse liste :D
    ich finde wir sind uns in vielen filmen ähnlich und es gefällt mir das es welche gibt die ich noch nicht kenne. ich weiß was ich mir heut abend zumindest schonmal streamen werde lol

  8. Die Filmliste gefällt mir, sind auch einige meiner Favoriten dabei :)

  9. deeeeeeeein filmgeschmack ist wahnsinnig toll! alleine clockwork orange, fight club, butterfly effect, etc.!! das sind echt so wahnsinnig tolle filme! C:

  10. hasi ich hab dich getagged :99

  11. I would love to see Alice in the Wonderland :D

  12. This is kinda useful as I'm always having trouble to pick what movies to watch! :D
    Have already seen a few tho~~ ^^