June 18, 2012

LOVE Damage Meet Up Again

Hello my dears,

finally I can write about the Love Damage meet up~ it was such an awesome day! I can't believe we were nearly complete. I'm so sorry for Yasmin and Bella, who weren't able to attend the meeting ;__;

We went shopping, to a cafe, which was...well, won't say anything. I never had the feeling that I don't want to pay my meal. That day I had the feeling. And not just me.

Later on we went to get an ice coffee, which was really good. We talked a lot about our website and how we can pimp it! ^_^
Can't wait. Soon - we meet up again!
I miss my girls - and Maikel!!

this was my outfit - Anna did the last two pictures! They are great *_*

 Maikel and me <3

Jade and me!

 also Mio came! *_* I was so happy, she doesn't belong to our cir, but is as really good friend!
 Anna and me <3

Ana and me! Finally got to see her again!

 We met Sarah out of nothing and I was soooo happy!! Need to talk when we can visit you ;_;

 Pia and me <3

Ice coffee~

 this was my meal.. looked great, but.. no.
 Just no.
Pia took the picture, she's not on it and Jade took off her wig. But I love them all.


  1. Ach es war so toll :) ♥
    Freu mich schon auf das nächste Meet-up ;)

  2. Love your outfit and hair(wig?) *w* <3

  3. Das letzte Bild ist total süß ^^

  4. du bist total hübsch&ich mag deinen blog, er ist so bunt:)
    liebe grüße♥

  5. Süsses Outfit. Deine Tasche ist total süss ♥

  6. aww ihr seit superhübsch *_* und deine haarfarbe und das outfit ist so toll :3 ~ ♥



  7. Love your outfit, the floral scarf is so cute >w< ♥

  8. Schöne Bilder, ihr seht alle so hübsch aus. *_*
    Und ihr wart in Hannover, wa? xD Ich erkenn es genau, höhö.
    In welchen Café seid ihr denn gewesen, dass es so grottig war? ô_o

    1. Genau xD wechseln immer - Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg <3

      Extrablatt in der Innenstadt...Yomis Gemüselasagne war grottig, Pizza auch ;O;

  9. Oh, das sind schöne Bilder!
    Dass die Pizza scheiße geschmeckt hat, kann man sich gar nicht vorstellen, sie sieht sehr gut aus :/
    Du warst auf dem Ruhrpott Rodeo. Ich bin neidisch. :)
    Ich folge dir mal, dein Blog wirkt sehr sympathisch.

  10. I just find your blog and i love it! You are very pretty. Greetings from Finland!