June 25, 2012

Soccer + Random


I have the feeling summer is over (laughs) it is always raining - well, raining a lot... and also cold outside.
At the moment I'm sitting at home, watching Totoro and yeah.. being nervous about tomorrow. We will get our results of the exams (sighs)

As you maybe know we have the european championship currently~ I get kind of interested into soccer then, eventhough I don't like it normally. As I haven't got anything to blog about (not really... ;__;) I will post some random pictures!

I hope you enjoy it ^_^

 we had a DVD evening with Pizza, energy and so on last weekend with Tinka and Schröder (watched Scary Movie 3, Final Destination 3 and Chicks :D)

my Germany against Denmark outfit :D

 it was such a warm day (eventhough we slept until 6 o clock because the day before was a birthday party of a friend...)

Rabea and me - I was kind of dead, but she looked so great ^_^

 my dinner the other day~

 my brother kept this cute dog (Charly) for three days...and I loved him (still!! ;__;) and cuddled the last time with him today. He's an american stafford. Maybe he will take care of him soon again!

 Germany make up of the last friday - Greece against Germany. We won. 

 I had to work before - subway shirt T_T but I made it just in time to the match!

 because we had this in my hometown (it is really little !!) and yeah~ so many people were there!

 Tinka and Janine, all wet :D
watched Totoro until now and continue with legend of the keeper right now! <3


  1. HAHA the makeup is so cool! and of course you won against Greece.. duh ; D I LOVE MOVIE NIGHTS BTW! They're awesome : D

  2. Nice pictures! xxx

  3. Ja sommer ist vorbei..moment, welcher Sommer? XDD
    Lustige Bilder^^ Ich mag Fußball nicht aber bei euch sieht es nach viel Spaß aus*-*
    Und Totorooooo*v* <3

  4. I hope Germany wins the European Championship c: And it has been raining about 4-5 days here in Finland.... Great summer weather XD Ps. Sorry my possibly bad english :D

  5. Schlaaaaaaaaaaand. Na ihr seid ja auch voll im Fußballfieber was xD? Schön ^_^ wir hocken nur zu Hause rum xDD sind nicht so die Partygänger xD
    Das Make-Up is geilo O_o
    würd sowas nie hinbekomm <_< da fehlt mir die nötige Feinmotorik xD

  6. Oh noch jemand in fußball-laune! ^.^
    ich kann mich zwar nicht so dafür begeistern, aber schön dass es dir spaß macht :3

  7. Ich guck Fußball sonst auch nicht so, also Bundesliga, aber wenn EM oder WM ist, dann kann man sich das ruhig ansehen. :D

    Uii, dann drück ich mal für morgen die Daumen. :)

    Und der Eulen-Film ist ganz niedlich. Viel Spaß beim gucken

  8. "Rabea and me - I was kind of dead, but she looked so great ^_^"
    awwwwwwwwww :)))))))
    Übertreib ma nicht hier ^^

  9. hey :D
    dieses jahr bin ich auch total in fußball laune ;D
    dein augenmakeup sieht soo cool aus mal gucken wenn ich irgendwo hin geh zum nächsten spiel mach ich das vill auch *__*

  10. Hahah, i love football! Sadly finnish don´t even play it on European Championship..But we are good at icehockey! :D Your football outfit is awesome! Thanks for commenting my blog! :)