July 5, 2012

Anli Pollicino Hamburg

Hello my dears!

I just came back from Hamburg and from one of the greatest live, eventhough, Anli Pollicino are not that famous. The live was so much fun, but even the time before!

I went to Carina at first and we did our make up and so on, later Nici came! We three haven't done much in the last time (not alone) and I think it is always so funny and precious!

Also we bought Hamburg shirts for the band members before the live and they got them and also dressed up in them while the encore!! Shindy got a top (laughs)

We also learned para-para while the concert! While game of love!

All in all... they were near to the fans, were nice, rocked (and I haven't thought so... my neck hurts so much!!)

Thank you Anli Pollicino for the live, as well as Nici and Carina for the day with you!

(They also tried to speak German: HABT IHR SCHWAZ???)

First: Maki *_*

Maki again :D

 while printing out a picture for the live..

Martin, yo!

 Nici and me are ready!!

We're all ready ^_^

my outfit!

 from the fans!


 Shindy! Do not take!

 Hamburg <3

Shindy made his autograph on the black...


    I'm going to Germany on Saturday! WOOT bordershop here I come! LOL : D

  2. Die Katze =) So süß!!!
    Und schön, dass du viel Spaß hattest ^^

  3. Coole Bilder^^ Dein Style ist toll *-*

  4. freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat! <3
    ich find dein outfit auch super, sehr nice mit dem bandana! :)

  5. Aww, wie schön ♥
    Mich freut es immer unheimlich, wenn du Spaß hast, kA wieso xD
    und das pinke Bild ist nicht creepy, das ist voll zucker! ^.^

  6. That's really cool that they actually wore the shirts you got them! :)
    I love your shirt, btw! And Maki is such a cute name for a cat! :D

  7. Aww u looks so pretty! I love your red hairs! Oh, and cat is so cute! I love cats. :D

    ~Kristiina from Finland

  8. ohaaa du warst in hamburg :D
    das konzert war bestimmt mega cool *__* ich war schon sooo lange nicht mehr auf einem konzert manno XDD
    lg :D

  9. Awww... I so envy you!
    Actually I wanted to go to their live in Berlin but I had to work that day and the day afterwards and that's why I couldn't. D:
    Mean world... Sometimes I have the impression that above all more or less unfamous bands enjoy to be close to their fans... or at least they ''dare'' it still more than others..?
    Hmmm... anyway.
    I'm happy you liked my girugamesh post and I really happy to get comments from fans who tell me they aren't like that and like ''the new girugamesh''.
    I hope they will always be or might be again more fans who just share their admiration for those guys. They deserve much more than just that. ♥

    I followed you back, always nice to learn new people knowing. :D
    And your layout is upper cute... *_*

    (Sorry for the comment in English... but I tend to write rather English than German here... I hope that's OK. ^^;)

  10. awww, maki is so cute <3 and you look really cool, just like a rock star! :D <3 <3

  11. wow, ich wäre auch so gern zu dem konzi gegangen ;A;
    dein outfit sah cool aus btw :D
    wo hastu die sternen strumpfhose her??? *o* <3
    LG <3

  12. Awwwww ~♥
    Ich werde Anli zusammen mit Ace nächsten Sonntag sehen und ich freu mich schon. Letztes Mal waren sie schon gut, nur dieses Mal werde ich mit Sicherheit nicht zuhören was Shind uns für Schwachsinn erzählt xD
    Schön dass du Spaß hattest und ich mag dein Outfit (*.*)